Kroo Bank chat

Got onboarded in 10 minutes in the queue at the school gate, will put a bit of cash in and have a play about with it


No hard checks I assume?

nope, but haven’t been hard checked by a bank in the UK, just the usual onboarding flow for a Fintech

Just in the queue now. Replacement for revolut yet? :eyes::sweat_smile:


Anyone got any screenshots etc? Is this now just a free for all sign up?

Looks that way in terms of free for anyone to apply.

I’m waiting on approval and will share once sorted.

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We’re queue buddies now! Probs gone home for the day so we’ll hopefully get through tomorrow

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Gutted I didn’t think to check when the app updated yesterday or whenever it was. Also seen clues online in places re people waiting on invites. Annoying, but hey ho.

Check your app



What screen is that? I’m waiting for my debit card but just have a banner to activate the card on the home tab.

Were you an e–money user?

I’ll keep checking but only getting this :slightly_frowning_face:

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No, I’m fresh on Kroo. It comes up when I tap the card icon in the top right corner


I signed up on the waitlist months ago for this, should I have got an email about it recently?

Na but you should be able to just open account in app now.

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I guess they ditched the waitlist? I was 25k in the queue. :joy:

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I completely forgot about it until the email today

I never received an email. maybe why I’m still waiting. What time did you apply?

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I was approved in about 5 minutes earlier

What’s the USP of this account? I’m struggling to see anything but haven’t actually got an account,

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Just after 5

Another card for collectors, another account for enthusiasts. :sweat_smile:

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