Kroo Bank chat

It changes the order about 4 times a day.

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Strictly speaking Revolut isn’t even a bank, is it? And Russian owned?

Never even heard of ANNA.

I remember the vid they made back in 2018 but not much since then.

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Begging email today from them, only £1.7M raised so far

I deleted it, unread.

Bored of them now.

Won’t unsubscribe though in case one of actual interest is missed :man_shrugging:

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Well that’ll last them around 1 month! 2024 is going to be a brutal one for Fintechs I think, I reckon we’ll see a few exit stage left.

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exactly, their burn rate is horrific, and I don’t buy there is loads of room in the market for another general consumer bank


I think there is room but you need something that separates you from the pack and makes people want to use your app or switch.

For me Kroo is somewhat forgettable and lacks inovation or that must have feature.

Hopefully they’re got some big ideas that will launch them forward, with the money now to make it happen.


My account has been dormant since 29th November 2022, it’s the account that’s been used by far the least since I opened it.


Unless there’s an additional £xxm I don’t know about this is almost certainly, to quote @Revels, “Never going to happen”

That money will be swept up in operational expenditure to keep the lights on and it’ll be gone by Early Jan I reckon.

They either need to get serious investment or it’ll be another Dozens. Pivot to B2B, realise there’s no money there either and shut down.

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My very first transaction with Kroo wasn’t a great one.

I thought I’d give it a whirl for a few transactions. Account had funds, card activated. Tried to make a purchase online using Apple Pay, it continually declined, tried it 4 times.

I then used the card number etc manually and it went through.

I contacted support and I had to wait two days for a reply, for them to tell me there was an issue with the card issued to me via Apple Pay and to delete the card and add it again. I’ve been asked to report back whether it works with a future transaction.

I have no intention of using going forward, I have zero faith in it, I rely on my Apple Pay a lot. I’ve transferred the funds out. Account will sit dormant.

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In theory it’s useful as it’s Visa with most cards being MC but I don’t have the confidence to use it as a backup.

Yes this was the main reason why I used it because some cashback services like airtime rewards have terms on some retailers that it must be a Visa card. I’ll just stick with my HSBC going forward.

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Popped up in my Google feed:

“We’re going to be able to deliver profitability two times faster [than Starling] and much faster than Monzo,” Valimahomed told City A.M., “It’s the technology, it’s the efficiency and it’s the business strategy”.

I’ve never looked at or used Kroo, so I have no idea what do with any of that, but I cannot help but think that they must be headed towards small and somewhat profitable with Monzo are headed towards huge and largely profitable (fingers crossed said the CFO🤞) with Starling somewhere in the middle

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First this isn’t directed at you, thanks for the link.

I’m sorry, what. You’ll achieve profitability twice the speed of starling!?!

Ok, so now I now Kroo are either taking the piss or are delusional.

Goodbye any investment anyone has in them.


They’re just that efficient


No, they only have ONE person staffing Customer Service, so low overheads :joy:

(See multiple posts on their protracted and ultra slow response times)


So, thanks to @NanoOp I went and checked my what I thought was (I had email confirmation) my closed Krpoo account

Only to find it has not been in fact closed at all

How’s that for efficacy? if all they have to do is say it’s closed and not actually close it.

I was all but, expecting it to say sorry that email doesn’t exist when I tried to sign in. However, my username password still worked

I went back a couple of minutes later to the exact same page and it loaded up my details so now I don’t know if my account is open or closed :joy::joy::joy::joy: