Known issues / bugs πŸ›πŸœπŸž

(Matt) #179

Nice one. Topped up using Apple Pay, from my Barclays Debit Card.


When Touch ID is enabled: if the app logs out (and then logged back in via email link), Touch ID no longer works for subsequent app log-ins even though it is still enabled.
Need to toggle it off and back on to bring it back to life.

Happened to me a couple of times now

(Ollie Strong) #181

Bug found at the send money section. When at the adding a message to send as part of the payment to a contact instead of clicking send you click close the whole app will shut instead of just going back to the main menu

(Adam) #182

I noticed that and it seems to be fixed on the latest TestFlight version 1.6.1#254


Enjoying my Mondo card - Using the iPhone app and only 3 transactions in, should the spending tab update immediately? I have to fully close the app and reopen for it to update and reflect the home page.

(Alex Sherwood) #184

This is a known issue

Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon…

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #185

Any idea as to when a fix will be rolled out for card details disappearing when it comes to topping up.

Getting rather annoying now having to keep entering them all the time.


@Danny This is supposed to be fixed in the latest TestFlight build. I have this installed but haven’t topped up for a while. I will come back and let you know either way once I have topped up.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #187

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Tom ) #188

I’ve been to two different pubs called β€œThe Phoenix” in the last couple of weeks. Different company, different towns. It’s showing them as the same place in β€œYour The Phoenix History”.


@Danny The issue is indeed fixed on the latest TestFlight build, and it looks like the card details have been stored somewhere, as I didn’t have to enter them again, so you’ll be good to go as soon as the update is out.


If i link my Monzo card to Apple pay, will i be able to make payments with the listed retailers above?

(MikeF) #191

You can’t link your card to Apple Pay. That’s not a supported function at the moment.

(Steven Pick) #192

Folder on Photos app on iPhone for receipts still says β€œMondo”.


New ones will start a new folder called Monzo, or have for me at least.

(robmac) #194

I was inspected on a bus the other day and the inspector could read my Mondo card just fine! :slight_smile:

(Peter ) #195

Additional information on TFL issue

I had a ticket inspector read my card today, explained the usual about it being a new bank - but the most helpful thing seemed to be demonstrating that I could successfully tap out.

So if they’re not buying that you’re part of a beta programme, then offer to show that you can tap out without a problem. Worth a shot if they’re going to try and fine you!

(Andy Langley) #196

I had one of those yesterday too

(Andy Langley) #197

Anyone had problems with with both contactless and Chip & Pin at Spar?

I had it fail on both today

(gary) #198

Hi Justin, did you ever get any feedback on your issue? I experienced the same issue just after installing Monzo for Android on August 16th (currently v. 0.3.0). My first ever proper transaction (after the initial top up) did not show in my feed and still hasn’t appeared! I spoke to the in-app support and they were able to see the transaction on my account, but I still can’t see it to this day!

Problem is, because it doesn’t show in the transaction feed, it looks like my total balance is wrong!