Kitchen Towel recommendations?

Colour me interested in those bamboo hand towels!

I did try the Nicky Defend hand towels when Plenty went out of stock a couple of months back, but they’re totally different and not really suitable for what I use them for. I wouldn’t recommend them as an alternative to Plenty.

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I will not stand this Regina Blitz blasphemy! They are my go to towel and I’ve never had the problems you describe with them

I purposely seek them out for their sheer superiority and strength over the feeble comepition. Their moisture retention are second to none!

I firmly believe you must have had a faulty batch.

Might have to give Plenty a go to see if the Towel is truly Moister on the other side, but I can’t believe it.


Then you better 3D print yourself a chair and sit down!

I had a few different packets of Regina (bought way too much of it and what’s left over has been demoted to the glamping pods), and I’d also tried them years prior when I lived in England because they were the highest rated kitchen roll on Ocado at the time and I was having an awful time finding some good kitchen roll.

I’m afraid my experiences with Regina have been fairly consistent. In the olden days though, when I first tried it, it was easier to forgive. Maybe it doesn’t get on well with Method’s surface cleaners? Can’t remember if I tried it with my new Hypochlorous acid stuff (which is the bees knees btw).


Weird, I find most Other Brands go mushy quite too quickly where Regina didn’t. Never had the Blue dye staining problem either - even using Method cleaning stuffs.

Who knew there’d be such differences!

By the way, does anyone have opinions on Bin Bags. I recently tried these and I adore them

</mid 30’s>


My opinions are that it’s best to pay for the proper ones, as they’re worth their price. Cheap bags are a false economy and should be avoided like the plague.


Ecozone’s are by a large mile the best I’ve ever used. A mainstay of my Ocado order. They’re just very hard to get a hold of now I’m in Scotland. Not the cheapest but worth every penny.

Seep is my backup. They’re ok and do the job but I’m not that impressed.

Biodegradable is a must for me.

I would absolutely love for my dog poo bag brand of choice to make bin bags out of the stuff though. That’s the best material and the one we should probably be moving towards for these throwaway type products.