Kinda half way to a desktop experience with Samsung Dex

Okay, so not really, it’s just the anroid app in Desktop mode via Samsung Dex, but it’s pretty neat

I am using Revolut for the disposible cards, until Monzo plus (hopefully) bring them in. They don’t auto refresh unless you opt to pay £7 a month though.

Any thoughts on how it compares to Chrome OS?

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I’ve not recently used ChromeOS - if I can find some way of using it. I’ll give it a go.

Maybe i can use a virtual machine for it. I mean, this is just cool. it runs purely off my phone

I’ve only played with DeX once, not in a long time though.

Cloudready should install fine in a VM,

I was thinking from an enterprise view, if the management features are there if it could replace a Chromebook , it doubles as a phone and mobile hotspot so with a screen like this it may be a good alternative.

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Cloudready can’t run Android app - has no playstore, lengthy process to install apps. If I go through the process, i’ll let you know


You can now run Samsung DeX on Windows 7 and 10 / Mac OS if you have the s10, s20, or Note 10.

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Cannot offer any view at all on this mysterious new Dex thing I first heard about just now, but can report that the Monzo app works flawlessly on Chrome OS, but the Revolut app is not supported

I’ve been running Monzo most of the time on my Chromebook of late on account of lockdown, but only mild annoyance is that it cannot be logged in on my Android phone at the same time

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Ah, that issue where you can’t have more than 1 device on a single platform, very annoying.

That’s one thing I wish was different. I installed it on my mum’s old laptop for her ages ago before just getting her a cheap Chromebook. The OS is of course slick and works great but it’s missing too much.

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Apparently it’s due to licensing issues or something

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