If you see a 12 year old with a card it’s far more likely and could seriously dent their confidence

And if this happened to a kid with special needs that you’re actively trying to learn to deal with social situations it could result in a meltdown of epic proportions


I don’t think the shopkeeper would have any right to retain the card, but they could (should?) refuse service.


If they believe the card is stolen it’s often store policy to confiscate it and hand it to the police. There are also codes that can be returned by the till that say to keep the card (although that would be in the case the card was definitely stolen which wouldn’t apply here).

Probably wouldn’t happen… but if I saw a 12 year old with a card I’d be suspicious and not everyone is as nice as me…

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My 12 year old has a debit card from his bank and I’ll go in any shop and go balistic if some idiot on their till tried to take his card off him thinking he was too young!


My bother is that I have a 13yrs old son who has Aspergers, so while he leads a normally life his ability to lose stuff is absolutely fantastic, so while I could get him a nationwide card or the likes, my desire would be to get him his own monzo card and thereafter the default status would be card locked so he would actively have to unlock it prior to and spend and thereafter lock the card after his spend.


Ditto but substitute son for daughter. Keeping the card frozen would be great because she is too easy to get talked into things without realising the motive and I wouldn’t want her giving her card to someone


It would be good if you as the parent could do the locking/unlocking too and also set an amount to unlock… That way it would be damage limitation if something untoward did happen


Well at the end of the day the cardholder isn’t responsible for contactless fraud so personally I wouldn’t worry about a lost card provided there was a good faith attempt at reporting the loss ASAP.

Yes but the autism spectrum is complicated with a variety of behaviours. My daughter would be inconsolable even if the money could be claimed back. Also I want to teach her financial responsibility, not that someone else will cover her mistakes


True. As a stop-gap solution though, destroying the contactles antenna by punching a hole in the card in the right spot (or waiting for Monzo to offer a contactless toggle) would nullify the loss damage as only contacted, PIN-protected transactions would be possible then.


Hopefully by the time the kids accounts are running the toggle will be available. Would be perfect


So come on monzo, let’s make kids happen and be sharp about it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Having a pot each for my children’s pocket money is going to be brilliant for my 8 and 5 year olds. Didn’t seem very clear at first that you could put in any amount not just multiples of 5, but now I’ve discovered that you can I think it’s genius. I will let them use my card whilst I’m with them and transfer the money over… now if you could just choose the pot first that the payment was coming from that would blow my mind!!


I might have found the short term answer, bpay by Barclays gives the kids a wristbank / keyfob or sticker that can be used for contactless payments and managed by the parents. It’s totally rocking so much do that I am starting to use the key fob as my goto payment method and its hooked up to my monzo card.

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This is now marked as done, and seems it maybe only referred to accounts for 16 & 17 year olds (

Does anyone know if there are plans for under 16s? I agree with others that a pattern along the lines of a pre-paid card linked to a pot would be great.

I highly doubt they will go down the pre-paid card route for this. They have just turned off this option because it was too costly: Turning off debit card top-ups for new users

It seems that debit-card top-ups were the issue/expense there, rather than having a pre-paid card, as such.

If payments were only via a “parent” Monzo account, then it should reduce/eliminate such costs.

Also, it needn’t be a “pre-paid” card in the most technical of senses, just a card linked to a specific pot, which set restricted the payment limit of that card to the amount in the pot.


Yes agreed.I was also going to quote the same point…Thank you so much for sharing it here…Keep us updated.

Really interested in under 16 accounts for my kids.
Things I’d be looking for:

  • no monthly fee
  • bank that takes money management seriously and is not looking to rinse my kids
  • an app/web view for my kids to check their balance/spend
  • debit card for them that can be used with Apple/Google pay
  • ability to step up to a full account at a certain age
  • don’t mind the account being registered to me, so long as they have a view without needing my phone

Things I’m less bothered about:

  • a view of my kids spending… it’s their money so they should spend as they want. This is why a bank that takes money management seriously is imperative as I’d be trusting them to help educate
  • ability to set chores for pocket money… I’ll do that outside the app
  • overdrafts or anything that could get them/me into debt

A shared child pot they can have basic read only access to in their own app would be ideal. Then I can schedule/add money into it as and when I want.

Do it Monzo. You’ll be taking a big step to securing your own future.

The main voting thread for under-16 accounts can be found here:

It might be worth copying and pasting your post over to that thread.