Kerv integration?

(James Smith) #1

I’ve ordered Kerv contactless payment ring (from Kickstarter), and while I’m looking forward to getting it for the convenience on buses etc, I am really loving the Mondo experience. Any plans to work with other contactless providers to integrate the services?

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(tom) #2

Yes - I was just emailing with Phil, the founder of Kerv, actually. I’m not exactly sure what their plans are, but please put in a good word if you chat with them :wink:

(Matt Stibbs (#1195)) #3

I am a Mondo Alpha customer and also have Kerv rings on order - I think a tie-up would be excellent - some of the things Kerv are proposing to offer align very nicely with Mondo :slightly_smiling:

(Alexander Skeith) #4

I’ve got a couple of Kervs on pre-order… Integration with Mondo would make it a killer app in my opinion. I’m going to ask on their Kickstarter page.

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #5

I like that! Just pre-ordered one.

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(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #6

My kerv is here Woohoo, kerv finally arrived and it is really fun to use. Would be fabulous if it could be integrated with Monzo for instant notifications and no need to top up.