Keith Flint

Sad times


I just read this, 49 years old :frowning:

Wasn’t a huge prodigy fan but they certainty pushed their genre forward. Saw them live at some festival in Hungary in 2013 and was one of the most mental crowds I have ever been in!

I liked their earlier stuff, it was mad.

Such a shame I remember seeing The Prodigy a while back at festivals/concerts and he had so much energy so young as well RIP Keith Flint.

Loved the Prodigy. 49 is no age.

Out of Space used to be my fav song!

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Absolutely gutted. I grew up listening to The Prodigy - I still have a cassette tape of “Breathe” somewhere that I bought when it came out. “The Fat of The Land” is one of those absolutely iconic 90s moments, both musically and culturally.

RIP Keith.


He will be missed by many, such a loss to the music industry. Totally gutted.

A true pioneer of the rave culture.

Always a banger

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Turns out it was suicide :frowning_face: