Keeping Track of My Budget when Monzo Can't Be Used for Some Transactions

(Shivika Sood) #1

To keep my monthly expense record in balance, i wish I could save expenses spent from my bank debit card when Monzo balance is not updated.Today I refilled my Monzo card with money from my internet banking before I left for a Saturday evening out.Upon using the card,it failed and I realised that it’s only instant when I do it from the Monzo app. So, I used my bank card tonight, I feel bad that tonight’s spend which was significant is now done OUT of budget since it was money from my bank and not Monzo card. This will throw my monthly expense record out of balance.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

The acceptance of Monzo cards should improve significantly once Monzo cards become debit cards, rather than prepaid cards so to a certain extent, this issue will go away.

Having said that, there are always going to be times when it’s not possible to use a Monzo card for one reason or another. The way I do this is to reduce my Target for the category & monthly total by the amount that I’ve spent so I know that I don’t have that money to spend anymore.

That feature’s explained here (it’s iPhone only for now) -

Obviously that won’t help you if you need to submit the expenses from your Monzo transaction history but I can’t see Monzo ever enabling users to log their own transactions because of the issues this would cause.

So I expect this will be solved in an app that’s built by a third party developer, once the Monzo API is ready. The app could enable you to combine your Monzo transaction history with other expenses that you log - then submit them all at once.