Keep getting login email requests

Hi all,
Is anybody else having this issue,
I keep getting emails to login to Monzo even tho I haven’t requested them?
I’ve tweeted Monzo and they said speak via dm
The dm then said speak to us via in chat
Then in chat said not open until 8am :rage:
I’m going round n round in circles and I’m worried I’m being targeted or the is a hackattack going around

It’s past 8am now so speak to Monzo in app - this is and always will be the best way to get support.

Just make sure your email account is secure (perhaps reset your password) and it should be nothing to be concerned about.


I wouldn’t worry too much, just don’t action the emails just in case they happen to be some kind of attack in themselves.

Just be suspicious if you start to get any calls, if you do obviously don’t continue with those.

Chat is open now so you can go ahead with that at least :grinning: