Keep allowances with new fees

So I’m currently a student and use my monzo as my main account. I’m due to get changed to the new fees on my account on the 16th unless I can change my loan payment to come into this account.

I’m more than happy to do that but I am not due for a payment until mid April so well past the cut off point. I can’t see any way to notify monzo that I’ve done this so what can I do to keep my current allowances?


Contact Monzo and tell them your situation.

Reach out to Monzo via chat (search “contact” within the help articles). I’d imagine they’d probably ask you to move your loan into Monzo to be able to secure those new allowances etc.

Also, the fees shouldn’t really impact you, unless you’re taking a lot of money (>£250 in 30 days), or lose your card a lot.