Just to put this out there

(Jack Donovan) #1

The Game.


(please don’t respond if this means absolutely nothing to you - I hope I catch somebody xD)

(Richard Cook) #2

Oh, the memories! :sob:

(Valeri) #3

So we all lost it huh… :laughing:

(Jack Donovan) #4

I thought of it last night when i got Rick rolled by @Danny :joy:

(Brenda Wong) #5

It has been literally YEARS I’m so sad now :sob:

(Jack Donovan) #6

How weird is this, I never use Facebook anymore. This is complete coincidence :joy:


What’re you talking about?

(Jack Donovan) #8

(Simon B) #9

My first thought…


(Jack Donovan) #10

Then your actual first thought,
No wait, your second thought must have been…

Wtf? :joy:

(Simon B) #11


This thread is like falling down the rabbit hole. :joy:

(Jack Donovan) #13

I think people who played “The Game” in their teenage years will always get upset when they lose…

However, when I think about it now… I do think, why do I care so much? But it was an important part of growing up :rofl::joy:


I feel that way about Blur, Oasis, PS1, and the Labour government. (Ie defining parts of my teenage years).

Did not play the game in my teens, just as well, I would fail hard with the game. :sweat_smile: