JudoPay TopUp bug

(Alex Forbes-Reed) #1

I tried to top up my card today at 12:00pm UTC. When I tried to I got the follow error:

Turns out the app is generating a faulty ‘yourPaymentReference’ reference (notice the " p.m." appended) when sending the request to JudoPay, resulting is the displayed error:
link to image as I can’t post more than one image apparently.

Inserting a breakpoint on the request and removing said " p.m." allowed the request to go through fine.

I’m running the latest TestFlight version of the app, version 1.4 (225)

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Yikes, that’s no good Alex, sorry! We’re working on fixing it now :slight_smile:

(Alex Forbes-Reed) #3

I had a chat with @daniel, should have posted an update here about said chat. It’s a known issue with JudoPay’s iOS SDK. They don’t handle non-24 hour time parsing very well, and for some formats it means the ref is longer than 49 chars. I’m just using the 24 hour format for now as that works.