JPMorgan / Chase UK Discussion

I was visiting an American friend a couple of years ago. They were hiring a skip (sorry, dumpster) over the phone and was being asked for his bank information to pay for it. He was asked the banks name and he said JP Morgan Chase. He was asked over the phone how to spell the JP Morgan bit :man_shrugging:

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While it’s true a number of UK banks (mainly Lloyds and NatWest) have retrenched from their international operations, you might be surprised at the reach that Barclays and Standard Chartered still have overseas (in addition to HSBC)


I’d be surprised if the vast majority of people didn’t know who JPMorgan were - they have a huge office in Canary Wharf and they’re one of, if not the, largest private employer in Dorset.

Chase is (was?) the largest retail bank in the US. With the obscene amount of US media everywhere these days I’d be surprised if most people hadn’t at least heard the name also.

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Why does an office in Canary Wharf matter? Most people won’t have a clue about this. I’ve been to London and I didn’t know this.


Standard Chartered are massive. I have an account with them outside the UK, I don’t even think they offer domestic accounts anymore despite being a British bank.

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Unless you live or work near Canary Wharf, you won’t have a clue which banks might or might not have offices there. Most of us don’t live in Dorset, either.


The only ones I knew where in Canary Wharf were HSBC and Barclays, mostly because they are often shown in shots of TV shows like The Apprentice and Marcella. I don’t remember seeing anything to do with JP Morgan, so I doubt other people would either.


Whaaat ? :scream:


Agreed, though mostly in the Far East

That said I suspect that most of the folk in the UK who have heard of them did so as a result of their shirt sponsorship of a major English football team as compared to any other interaction :slight_smile:


What do you mean you’ve never heard of the Punjab National Bank there’s a branch like half a mile from Monzo’s office???1!!


For a certain definition of “domestic”. They apparently do offer banking services in Jersey (geared towards the “offshore banking” crowd), just not the UK mainland. Or does that not count as the UK “proper”? I’ve always wondered how those island territories relate to the UK as a whole.

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I don’t think their banking system is integrated in the same way a UK mainland account is. Plus if you have one of these off-shore accounts for general day-to-day use it becomes fairly inconvenient because of the lack of generally standard banking features. Cheque imaging certainly isn’t coming soon.


They fall under the Crown; but they’re generally self-governing, apart from a few aspects which the UK is responsible for

They weren’t part of the EU either, but rather had a special relationship



I clearly don’t get out enough, I never knew they were there in Bournemouth :rofl: Send them out Wimborne way then I might actually notice.


They’re starting to hire for customer service positions, so that might suggest they’ll be launching in the next couple of months.


Feels to me it could be quite a way off. Big corporates tend to have complex training procedures - days away etc.

I don’t think that’s quite possible currently, but they could indeed have more to do. Although the rumours said launch in Q1 so they got 31 days

What, if anything, would make you open a Chase UK account once they launch?

And would you use it as your main account from the get-go?

I’ll open one regardless of the offering, but then I’m into my banks and it doesn’t cost anything.

To actually start using them, they should offer a 24/7, easy to access (preferably via chat), UK or US-based customer service (unlike many other banks) and instant notifications. I hope with their capital they can have customer service comparable to Amex and then I’m sold.

Anything else would just be an added bonus, but my wish list, in priority order, is:

Credit card with 0% fx
Joint account
Easy way to send/request money (like shared tabs/settle up)