Joint accounts: overdrafts and CASS

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Just finishing this now. I just listed all my Direct Debits and regular card payments in my old banking app and then manually changed them all over manually.

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Welcome to #fullmonzo! :partying_face:

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Unless I’ve missed it, there are still no developments on CASS for joint accounts. Is there any update regarding timelines for this to be available?

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I gave up as they said they would not support partial switches, even when it was launched. Did all my switching manually. Took about a month to fully switch everything over but not too difficult really.

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A month?!?!?! I did all mine in less than 30 minutes.

Either you have 100’s of direct debits or some of your suppliers are very poor at updating your payment details :open_mouth:


Took me about 30 minutes to do 13 of them…

It took 1 hour to get bloody Nationwide to transfer the mortgage! Consistently bad CS whenever I’ve had to contact them.

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Some couldn’t be updated because they were days either side of the collect date. Others needed to be phoned and others needed to be done via post. The whole DD system is totally stuck in the 90s and well overdue an overhaul.

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Is there any update on joint account overdrafts? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t see anywhere where Monzo have gave any kind of updates?

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This should be soon as it is now technically possible. I believe most of the features single accounts had that joint accounts didn’t was because the underlying code of Monzo assigned things like pots to users and not accounts. This has now changed, hence the joint account pots, but things like loans and overdrafts take a little more legal work as a joint overdraft or a joint loan is very different to a singular one.

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I appreciate that it will be as soon as possible, but I guess all new/additional features will be released as soon as possible? They’ve made it clear in the past that they release new features as soon as the feature is ready (sometimes even sooner in labs)
I think it would be good if Monzo gave us some kind of timeline for new features e.g. 0-3 months, 6+ months etc. They used to use Trello for this and I found it very useful, but they no longer use it and have replaced it with however this has a lot less features listed on it, e.g. joint CASS and joint OD’s.


Guess that is why you switched the Monzo!


Gone full Monzo only 1 DD left to sort with no CASS, so only now need joint overdrafts

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Hey Guys and Gals,

I am aware that Joint to Join CASS is not officially supported but since some have had success I thought I’d try it.

This is a switch from Natwest.

The request went in around 6 last night. Does anyone know roughly how long it takes to find out if they accept or reject it?


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Just got this:

So I assume that Natwest have accepted the switch?


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I think I’ve missed how this is possible. How did you go about initiating it for Joint Account? I only have option in my single account.

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I think its under Summary then Add Salary.

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Thanks, though I’m not seeing that option anymore. It wouldn’t have been just removed from the very recent update this week? Or could I be missing something obvious? (Ps I’m also not seeing a CASS option in my single account unless I go into settings - go figure)

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I think it can still be rejected by NatWest. It depends if they need both account holders to approve the switch, monzo don’t have a flow for this yet.

That’s my understanding of why it’s not fully supported anyway.

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I think you’re right.

We have sole authority on this account so either one of us can issue instruction. I assume it would fail if it was joint authority and only one instruction was sent.

From what i understand most joint accounts are not joint authority these days unless you specifically request this to be the case.

Either way it’s great to leave them behind. :partying_face:


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This joint to joint switch went through fine this morning.

So I can confirm that it seems to work from NatWest to Monzo.

Happy bunny here!

Bye bye crapwest.