Joint account vs solo account questions

I’d like to open a joint account but essentially just keep it in the background. So I have a few questions:

-Do transactions get mixed in the feed?
-Can I make my solo account the default?
-Can I switch off notifications for the joint account?

Answers below:

  1. No, you get a separate feed for both accounts.
  2. Yes, your solo account is the default one that shows in the app (although it is possible to switch it)
  3. No, I don’t believe this is possible.

-You get two feeds
-You can kind of. There’s currently a Labs option to make the Joint account the default - but otherwise your solo is first.
-I don’t think so, I’m afraid

  1. As above.
  2. As above.
  3. As above.



As a joint account user, I can state that it isn’t possible to turn off notifications for the joint account. If it’s left dormant then it shouldn’t matter anyway :slight_smile:

Basically imagine how your current account is displayed in the app and duplicate it. This is what your joint account looks like.

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Thanks all! One more question: what’s the little icon I’ve seen next to the merchant logos on joint accounts? Seems to indicate is a joint account, which is why I’d assumed everything was on the same feed. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

You talking about the profile pic of the person who made the transaction? It’s shown similar to how the round up pot icon is displayed


What :point_up_2: said… (man I’m slow today!)


Yes that one. Oh so that icon is ONLY shown in the joint account feed, is that right?

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Yes because there’s only 1 person associated with the personal account

Although possibly it’s the same for business accounts


Correct, as you need to know which person spent what on a joint account, but a solo account is always the same person so it’s pointless to show.

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