Joint Account Screenshots

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I’m thinking about getting a Joint Account and would like to learn a bit more about the user flow. I know that a JA is part of the carousel, can be shown first, and has it’s own entry into Summary.

Particularly, what does it look like to open the payments tab? Do you hit ‘payments’ then have to choose personal/JA? It depends on where you are in the carousel? Something else?

Thanks for any insight!

Hitting payments will default to joint if in the carousel you are on the joint account or joint account pot. Defaults to personal on payments if you’re on personal account or personal account pot.


In addition to this :point_up: , you can also select the account (Joint or Personal) from the drop-down at the top-left of the Payments tab to switch between them from the Payments tab. This also does the reverse when going back to home:

From the Carousel, select the Personal account and tap on Payments. This takes you to the Payments Tab with the Personal Account in focus. Without leaving the Payments tab, switch to the Joint Account using the Drop-down and then tap on Home - it now (as expected) takes you back to the Joint Account in the Carousel.

It’s the little touches…


I wouldn’t waste your time with a Monzo joint account. Monzo are so uninvested in the product, provide zero ongoing development to it and also have no plans to. If you’re a Monzo Plus or Premium customer, you’re essentially screwed over more and all the great features you’ve become used to like custom categories etc aren’t available. You’d be better persuing a traditional bank for joint accounts IMO.

Searching for a morsel of optimism there, but struggling tbh

As I’ve said before, the Monzo joint Account has a long way to go to match the Personal Account feature-set. But even as it stands now, I can’t find an alternative offering that is compelling enough to ditch the Monzo Joint Account for.


You don’t know this.

Accounts without Flex, custom categories, Google Export etc etc you mean?


I suspect that that may have been a reference to “other benefits” available with joint accounts from other banks - like bundled insurance.

Disagree. There are multiple threads throughout this forum where Monzo (or a representative of) either will not answer the question or have said ‘We have no immediate plans’ or ‘It’s not a priority’ to develop it further.

The product was released in 2018 and as someone who moved their JA on day one to Monzo - I can confirm the feature set is exactly the same as at launch - four years on. I think we maybe have two additional categories.

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I agree with this, which is why I’m still here - and even through my lack of optimism publicly - I remain hopeful things might one day change; but with the passage of time and comments made by various Monzo staff - this doesn’t seem the case.

In a recent thread; a Monzo rep even had a meeting with the JA dev team (at the OPs request) and promised to report back. They confirmed they’d had the meeting and promised an update - that was more than three months ago.

Any kind of commitment from Monzo to JA customers isn’t forthcoming and they’ve even stated it’s not a priority or even being considered in the short term. They’ve even backed this up with stats back in 2019/2020.

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