Joint account pot


Just set up a joint account with wifey. Trying to now set up a joint account pot we can both see on our apps but can’t see how to do it.

It’s a New account and so do I need to wait to activate the card when it arrives before I can set up a joint pot??

Any advice greatly received.




The setup boxes for joint pots are on the page listing your accounts (click your profile picture or swipe down on a card image):

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Hi Dan & welcome :wave:

As @swok1080 rightly points out, you can set up any (joint/shared) pot(s) in a Joint Account - but - you can only do this once you are both in the Joint Account. So if you can see the ‘green’ entry under ‘Your Joint Account’ in your app, you’ll be able to create a Joint Pot.


Catches a few people out. Just gotta scroll down a bit more :grin:

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Thank you all! Got it now!