Joint Account Plus Pricing

In my experience of paid solo accounts (I had a Natwest Select Platinum several years ago) although the insurance policies were all associated with my paid account they all covered people in my household, so it didn’t really matter whether it was a sole or joint account as we were both covered anyway.

Nationwide is only you Unless it’s a joint account. Then it’s the family. But the price is the same.

You could level that at about 80% of the content on the forums though :laughing:.

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I just hope that you don’t jam insurance into the Plus product. It’s great to have an account that people can pay for. It pays your salary directly, and so therefore Monzo staff get to build product directly for the user, rather than turning the user into the product, which is degenerate.

All will be revealed (not by me tho :smirk:)


Really Soon I hope, #needplusforjoint :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I hope for the best for you.

This sounds positive :+1:

I’d love to support monzo with a paid plus account. I only use the JA so hopefully something is released soon


I wouldn’t get too excited, Chat support just informed me “At this time, we don’t have any plane (sic) to introduce Monzo Plus to Joint account, but watch this space!”. Which just sounds like no plans whatsoever but let’s be upbeat! Has Monzo even officially committed to implementing this for Joint accounts or is this another item to add to the list of omissions?

What else do you expect chat to say? They aren’t going to have in-depth company plans.

They’ve said they wanted to get it right for single accounts first.

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This could just mean that this particular chat person hasn’t heard of any plans.

Maybe there’s no plans, maybe there’s plans but it hasn’t been communicated, yet.

Yes it could mean that, which is why I’m asking the community whether anyone is actually aware of any official commitment to implement Plus for joint accounts? I’m not expecting a date, but has there been an actual statement that they intend to implement it?

As mentioned above. They’ve said that they want to get single accounts right first, and only then will they look at it.

In app chat is for help with your day-to-day banking. Not for updates on features and app development as that’s a totally different department - hense why you got the response you did.

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Thanks, and where was this stated? I’d really like to see the terminology they used and form my own interpretation.

I’m going to politely disagree with you about the use of in-app Chat, We don’t seem to have access to a road map and I’ve not found any other reliable communication channels, so they need to expect these questions on Chat.

Thanks but I’m also going to disagree.

You wouldn’t phone Google and ask them to send you an itinerary of how they’re getting on with building their next flagship phone - it just doesn’t work like that I’m afraid.

The searchbox on here is your friend. You can then read the entire discussion around what was said to satisfy all your needs since our comments are not good enough.


If anyone is wondering why Monzo are moving chat behind self-service articles, this is why.


Oddly enough I tried the search box before asking and apparently haven’t located the appropriate search terms.

Thank-you! Not really a company commitment to deliver it then, but an answer of sorts.