Joint account - personal details

Hey - if you open a joint account - is the other person able to see your personal info like salary and other personal details??

They can see your full name and details of any accounts that you pay into the joint account with.

They can not see the contents of any of your accounts though.

However of you are uncomfortable sharing this info with the other party, a joint account may not be the best decision. A joint account will create a financial link between both parties.


They can’t see you DOB, and I believe they can’t see your address, but not 100% certain on that one.


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Just browsed through all the things I can press on my joint account, the only personal details which seem to be accessible are;

  • any accounts the JA holder pay into the JA (i.e. the details become a payee, I think)
  • Whatever accounts they pay from the JA (by virtue of a line on the feed)
  • Their name, via the fact that if you make a payment to someone it will come up with both names / it shows on the statement.
  • Whatever their thumbnail in their monzo account is.

I think that’s it - can’t see any way of finding any other info out.


OK great, thanks for checking and your help!

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