Joint account overdrafts

A little bit :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Made me smile, though!

Alas not me - frustrating and counter-productive to Monzo

id like to no if there is any updates regarding going account overdrafts, would be really handy to have

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Sadly after 6 months I am switching my joint account back away from Monzo, mostly because of the lack of a joint overdraft.It might not be such an issue for me, but Monzo also miscalculates my committed spend each month, double counting payments that have already been taken. This results in the app constantly telling me I wont have enough funds to cover my bills. The miscalculation is £100’s per month. I have ended up maintaining a spreadsheet to track my bills and also keep a few hundred in the account as cover. This has made the switch to Monzo completely pointless for me.


How exactly is it miscalculating, surely it just works from the data you provide it?


Direct Debits that have already been taken for the month are still showing in my committed payments for the remainder of the same month. This is calculated by Monzo, not me.
I raised it with support and apparently it can happen if the company taking the direct debit changes it for any reason or if a payment falls on a weekend one month, the date it is taken changes and throws out the calculation for the following month.

If there are multiple of the same payment/direct debit in your scheduled payments section, you can select the one that hasn’t happened in a while (check the history) and unselect the “repeating payment” check box. It will no longer count in your budgeting/summary.

Going back to talking about he joint account overdrafts, in my view this is one of the core features stil missing from Monzo, hopefully this hasn’t dropped off their radar.

It routinely bugs me that my joint account does not have an overdraft, mostly I want the reasurance that no payments will bounce.


I can’t believe we are still waiting for this :frowning:


Technically you shouldn’t be waiting when they haven’t even said they’ll provide this.

I’d be thinking along that lines that it isn’t coming until Cookywook comes back and tells us otherwise like he mentioned earlier in the topic.

Neither can I!

God forbid we should expect basic functionality present in every. Other. Joint. Bank. Account. In. The. UK.

Yes, yes we all could jump ship and go elsewhere, but Monzo offers so much a better vision of banking. The app is amazing. But this is just bizarre oversight.


That’s fine. Not sure why you’re telling me though :man_shrugging:

I so agree with Elvis :muscle:

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Because you’d replied and said we should not expect the joint account to have overdraft facilities.

Were you expecting nobody to reply or just making a pronouncement??? 🤷

Thanks Peter.

I was replying to one person who asked if there were any updates because they said that they had been waiting ages. There are none and nothing is planned so you’ll be waiting indefinitely is all I was saying :see_no_evil:

You seem to be reading into it far too much and have put words in my mouth. I never mentioned moving bank or that its something you shouldn’t want or anything of the sort. :roll_eyes: