Joint Account only

Are there any plans in the future to have a joint account only ?



There’s no minimum paying in requirement to keep a joint account open is there? My wife and I have a joint account with Nationwide (pays interest, insurance etc). She would like a second joint account for the weekly shop etc - she quite likes monzo, but doesn’t want a personal monzo account. To have the joint, she could set up a personal and not use it? - will she be penalised for not using it?

No you can open it, leave it dormant and just use the Joint Account.

I think that’s how most people here operate their joint accounts.

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Cheers :slight_smile: - Then that’s what we’ll do.

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks to @Codf for stepping in :slight_smile: He is correct, no minimum amount or activity is required so you should be good to go :partying_face:

Not too sure about his last statement, I use both personal and joint but maybe I’m in the minority :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: