Joint Account Migration Strategy

(Andy) #63

Joint account don’t officially support CASS yet. Hopefully by the end of the year

(nikeshashar) #64

Once that’s live I’ll be #fullmonzo. Until then #halfmonzo?


Just got a notification that my switch is underway after my partner got her Santander details updated, so fingers crossed it’s all going to be taken care of!


I just had a text chat with the co-op bank asking how to transfer a joint account and they said “If you’re switching to Monzo, you’ll contact them directly and provide your Co-op Bank details. they’ll then start the process for you.”

Is that correct? Does that go through in-app chat?

(MikeF) #67

Joint account CASS switches aren’t supported at the moment so if you want to, you’ll need to move your direct debits etc. yourself by contacting the companies involved.

(Andy) #68

That’s correct however as @Feathers joint CASS doesn’t officially work yet but many of us have used it normal “sole” CASS process and it’s worked but don’t be surprised if it rejects until Monzo upgrade their process to support sending both sets of details to the old bank

(Tom) #69

I’m aiming to migrate our joint account over from Lloyds. At the moment we’re topping up Monzo for our day to day spending, but will eventually look to transferring direct debits over manually, but not in any rush for this.


I did a joint to joint CASS from Lloyds and it worked without hitch, FYI :slight_smile:

(Tom) #71

That’s good to know, thanks. Will probably keep going as we have been for a month or two more (my wife is much less of an early adopter than I am!) and then look at that.


Yes. Same here. Took some convincing but both glad we did it.

(Tom) #73

She’s on board and enjoying using Monzo, which is a start :grin: Plus she prefers it to Starling!

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #74

The wife and I switched to Monzo on the 1st of August for day to day spending whilst it was still in Labs and have switched everything over manually at the start of October and proudly #fullmonzo now. Very satisfied with the product and it’s really interesting to see the service develop and grow and very pleased to be part of it.

I do notice other banks upping their game as a result i.e. Natwest (our old bank) announced they will show pending transactions in the app with optional notifications which I think is the core of the Monzo experience.

Great to see real competition in this field and an interest from the community which forces through change and consumers ultimately benefit. :smile:

(Simon) #75

I’ve got the same issue. I can’t see any add my bills button anywhere…on Android anyway.

(Excited about Christmas) #76

Yeah turns out there is no current process for migrating CASS-style from single to joint. I’ll just leave joint dormant until there is.