Joint account for new partner

Hey team, my new girlfriend has just moved in recently. She has escaped a abusive marriage. Her scumbag ex has destroyed everything her I.d, heart meds and clothing plus too much other stuff. She has changed her details for the bank so future payments will go into my Monzo account. Thing is she is waiting for a cheque payment for emergency supplies but it will be in her name.
With no id , how can she cash it? I can’t send it to Monzo! Can I get a joint account ?

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She needs to report her driving licence stolen to the DVLA if he’s taken that. That way she can get ID issued asap.


Firstly, I’m sorry your girlfriend is going through this. Hope she’s doing ok. :hugs:
Secondly, as above, she needs to report her I.D. as lost/stolen with an update of her new address so they can send out a new one. It shouldn’t take too long depending on what form of I.D. she has, but I can understand how it would feel like forever in that situation.
If you’re looking for a joint account with Monzo, she’d need to already be a Monzo user herself.
The I.D. is definitely a priority.


So sorry to hear about this @Stevemind :pensive:

As others above have mentioned, she’ll need to first get her ID replaced. Once she has that, she’ll be able to sign up for an account with us and you can also make a joint account.


Just a quick heads up make sure she goes through all her online accounts and changes passwords and checks to make sure that the locations are stopped and removed. Also before you get Monzo, save her stuff and reset her phone, just to make sure there’s no so called “stalkerware”. Just thought I’d make you aware that one of the last things people forget is how many apps have permissions etc.