Joint account comments on expenses

Would be useful to be able to comment (and reply) on individual expenses in joint accounts. With a notification perhaps.
So one half can say something about an expense that looks suspicious (or complain about spending :)) and the other can see it and reply?

Can the one half not just, you know, talk to the other half?


Sorry, gonna need you to explain?

Two people agree to have a joint account.
If there is an issue with a transaction, why can’t those two people talk to each other.

I think this would be neat. I’ve suggested a similar idea here: Request transaction notes/tags from other account holders

I think the response of “why don’t you just talk to each other” is missing the point. Believe it or not you’re not always in the same room as the person you have a joint account with. Being able to highlight transactions in app makes the process significantly easier.

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Sorry still not getting this.

You don’t have to be in the same room as someone these days, I believe Monzo will only function from a smartphone? I think that device has many different ways to ‘converse’ with the other person. Yes I’m being sarcastic.

But my point remains.

Two people agree to have a joint account, that means there is an agreed (implicit) shared responsibility. That requires communication.

I will happily concede that being able to highlight a transaction in some way may be useful, but if I have a joint account working this way, I see a transaction, my first reaction isn’t to add a note saying ‘what is this for?’ to it in the hope my partner sees said note and responds to it, it would be to msg or call them and ask ‘what was this payment for?’.

I think this idea is trying to use technology to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


I think with your example you just pointed out why this is useful. In case there is a weird or suspicious transaction, as you say, one could msg or call the other half and ask for explanations, so maybe he can block the card straight away, or take other measures. Now, having comments would just automate this because it will produce a notification leading exactly to the right transaction. Otherwise what do you do? You have to write a message with the amount, maybe take a screenshot too? It’s tedious stuff.

Apart from this situation it can even be useful as a way of communicating and why not have fun together. This would make monzo even more appealing. I used to used Splitwise with my partner (that allows you to keep track of payments and then does a difference) and we had so much fun with comments, honestly I miss that functionality.


Probably not a feature I’d use, I normally just message my wife if there is something on the account I wasn’t expecting to see

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Wow. If I see a weird or suspicious transaction then the last thing I want to do is add a note and hope that my partner sees it and replies to it in a timely manner. I’ll phone her and talk to her.

And the last thing I want from a BANKING APP is another way to communicate, there are already plenty of channels available to me and I sure as hell don’t want to use Monzo to communicate with my partner. In fact I would advocate against this because all it’s doing is adding un-needed functionality when there are other things that still need built/improved.

IF Monzo ever add this, then fine, but I sincerely hope it is not a priority for them.

All that would really be required for this to work would be the ability to tag the other account holder within the notes section of a transaction, to flag it for their attention. This wouldn’t just be useful for the rare occasion where there is a suspicious transaction. This would be for the mundane occasions where you can’t figure out why there are three amazon purchases on the same day last week, for example.

These tags could also be used for other things, such as automatically distinguishing who’s card was used for a transaction.

I’m with @gmclean on this. Why wouldn’t you just call your other half and ask them about it?