John Lewis to launch 'private shopping' service

Min spend of £10k. Any takers?

What would you pay to shop alone? If shops said you had to spend at least £x before being allowed to enter, would you do it to have fewer people around you?

Isn’t that what internet shopping is for?


I personally hate shopping with a passion and rather take the gamble online and return via post office if its crap.

However I think there’s still a market for the people who like to touch stuff or try clothes on in person before buying. Probably more so in John Lewis than most high street stores.

If they had November/December with specific times during the day where you either had to put £x deposit down as min spend or a flat fee of pay £x to get a ticket to enter the building, and could get only x% of the usual customers in store with no delay at the tills I think people would go for it.

What are you buying in John Lewis that is totalling £10,000!

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Two scones and a latte from the Café


I wonder how much the sales assistant(s) (or ‘partner(s)’) get. I can’t think of anything more soul destroying. Although at least they’d be paid - I used to constantly have to hang around waiting for people to pay even though the store was shut.

I’d imagine with the after hours £10k min spend service they’ll be hired personal shoppers that follow you round, giving compliments, holding the stuff you are picking out etc. They’ll be on a meaty salary and not the usual staff working the day hours.

Doesn’t include butter though :grin:

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Laughed out loud in public :see_no_evil:

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Just is just the sort of thing I need.
No more shopping with regular folk!

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