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In terms of advancing up the waiting list queue, there has been little movement since April, when I started out at #9614 and am now at #9018

Been like this for 3 months:

Last update directly 2019-02-26:

We’re looking forward to inviting even more of you to onboard over the following weeks. We know that some of you are desperate to play around with Jaja so we thank you for being so patient! We are still onboarding those on the waiting list in order and every one of you will have the opportunity to apply for the card before we launch to the general public!

We’ll be firing on all cylinders in the Jaja office over the next few weeks to bring more and more of you on board and keep improving our product. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

On 2019-06-28 they announced they were taking over operation of Bank of Ireland Credit Cards (Source) .

Essentially radio silence since.

Hmm, interesting.

With the contact I had having left I’ll guess I’ll wait for some meaningful updates before I reach back out.

Doesn’t say anything of substance, but Jaja have recently posted their first blog post for about 6 weeks


In other news, just noticed they won an award from Seedrs…

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That Jaja post is frankly bollocks. There’s not a shred of useful information in it!?

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Because they have really not have negative PR from it other than the people on the waiting list being frustrated. The Bank of Ireland credit card (including the AA and post office branded) customer base and the customers from the ASDA venture probably outweigh the waiting list by a long shot so that is the priority.


Link to a 25 minute interview with Jaja CEO below.

Nothing specific about timescale for onboarding of new users. Only mentioned it will happen very shortly. But interesting nonetheless to listen to how he views Jaja and where it is heading.


Very interesting indeed, thanks for sharing!

Got bored of waiting and ended up with a Tandem card - can’t apply for a new card now until March so if they starting moving they will have to get on my waiting list :smiley:

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Been at the top of the list for 4 months so if you’re looking for a credit card in the near future this probably isn’t for you.

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I wish they’d just admit the list is broken and just send an email promising an early invite when they are ready to issue more cards after they’re done integrating the Bank of Ireland customers

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Not sure it’s worth waiting for a £500 credit limit with no sign of it every increasing though.

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£500 credit limit probably doesn’t look very good on your credit report either - it’s similar to those credit builder cards and doesn’t paint a trustworthy picture.

Jaja doesn’t seem to report to any CRA yet :thinking:

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That’s a good thing until they grow their limits and service a bit I suppose.

I’ve always wondered if lenders will score the lenders of your credit cards. Whether for example they’d score someone higher for an Amex over an Aqua.

It’s not. But at this point I wouldn’t sign up with them at all, even if they offered me a higher limit

I have a Jaja credit card and Jaja isn’t on my credit reports ye. I will be honest, I don’t use it that often as it isn’t developing and I get interest free purchases elsewhere with a higher limit. People who get points will stick with their points card too. I like the idea of Jaja but there is no reason to use it except to have a more modern looking app.

That’s very interesting.

I have HSBC’s Premier credit card and the Amex Everyday Rewards in the UK. Both of them are points based and it’s just pointless (pardon the pun). The points take a long time to accrue and aren’t really worth much. I’ve been considering getting the Amex Cashback instead just to have 1% back on everything.

I have credit cards from other countries too - the US is really generous with credit card offers I’ve recently just booked a flight and paid pennies for it.

Have they release the app to public yet had a look on iOS nothing yet :wink:

I got my Jaja invite code (as an investor) on Thursday and hopefully the card will be with me shortly (away from home this weekend). Android app seems “okay” - had one of those annoying “chatbot” type things for signup, but within the app it seems quite “normal”. I haven’t used my “virtual card” number yet and only a £1.2k credit limit.