JAJA Discussion & Feedback

(Andy) #171

Does anyone fancy signing up? We both get £10 after successful on boarding


(Stuart) #173


Low maximum limit and no 0% offer but interesting.

(Mitch Ford) #174

Where did you see this?

(Dan Mullen) #175

Someone from Jaja got in touch with me a couple of days ago and invited me to pop by their offices for some lunch and to see a demo of the app. Given I live at the other end of the country we had a video call instead :grinning:

It was really good, ended up chatting for about an hour with two of the guys at Jaja. Saw a demo of the app and saw the actual physical card, which looks really nice. The app itself is very clean, nice transaction feed with good looking category icons, though I believe merchant icons can/will be displayed.

The credit sharing facility sounds really useful. They asked me a number of questions and seemed to really value the feedback. Hopefully going to get my invite to the app next week in the first batch of users - they’re going to onboard a small batch from the top of the waitlist then bring more people on each week until the public launch at the end of of March.

It’s very much a beta phase before the wider launch so it’s an opportunity for the early adopters to help shape the product and iron out any remaining bugs. Really sounds like they’ve given a lot of thought to the launch and I would expect it to be a pretty polished product by the time it’s launched to the general public.

I’m hopefully going to be involved in a few more discussions with them, possibly a face to face meeting at their offices too. Overall I got a really good impression of them as a team/company and think they’ll be really receptive to feedback, criticism, ideas, etc. They’ll also be launching their own online community :+1:t2:

(Jonathon) #176

Is there any indication on how conservative they might be offering credit? Will there be a soft-check eligibility first?

(Mitch Ford) #177

I’m still interested to know if there are any benefits included with the card. Is there any Cashback etc.?

(Shreyas Zanpure) #178

Doesn’t seem like it. It seems more geared towards 0% on purchases type of credit cards.

(Mitch Ford) #179

Ah that’s a shame, well for me!

(Shreyas Zanpure) #180

Well those type of cards have their use as well. But I still have not found a combination that beats AMEX 1.25% cashback with Barclaycard VISA 0.5% cashback to back it up. I have a Virgin credit card that offered me 0% on purchases for 30 months, and I am close to repaying all of the credit limit. So JAJA would be a good alternative to Virgin, but I only get such cards once in 2-3 years for any planned bulk purchases.

(Mitch Ford) #181

Yeah agreed, was looking at getting an Amex Cashback card but was interested to see what this would offer first. But it would replace my HSBC 0% CC nicely

(Dan Mullen) #182

I believe they do a soft check to ascertain the credit limit they can offer to a customer.

(Jonathon) #183


This should be industry standard on credit, really. If everyone could see beforehand what they were eligible for for any credit it would make sense.

(Jordan Taylor) #184

I too had a call earlier this evening.
I definitely agree with the points you’ve mentioned here and looking forward to seeing the product evolve.
I did mention about the community aspect being important and this is what I love about Monzo, so seeing this at Jaja would definitely be welcome.

(Kevyn) #185

I was asked to speak to them (I’m 8th) but I haven’t the time right now and I can’t have a hard check right now either as I’m in the middle of a house purchase. Good to hear that it may be a soft check.


It would be great to get this confirmed by JAJA


393 in the que so hoping to be an early tester :tada:


Jaja told me it’s soft check at application too. I presume a hard search would be recorded if successful as CRA’s will get their pants in a twist if no hard search is done.

The way the industry should be though, with a hard search only recorded at approval IMO. Who cares if you’ve applied to 70 different cards, it’s the accounts actually opened that are an indicator of fraud and/or distress, not a couple of searches.

I think companies are taking a more lenient view on searches these days. I’ve had two of my card limits raised to £4k and £2.5k respectively with 27 searches on Experian in the last year. Only 6 on Equifax but I’m sure Experian were checked.

LBG gave me my overdraft with over 30 hard searches.

Definitely wouldn’t even risk applying if a mortgage app is underway though!


We should see some movement on the invites next week hopefully.


Is the iOS app out yet?