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I think Emma have done pretty well by keeping a main active thread here, as most people don’t have space in their day for another forum, but would still follow a thread here.


@kyrre do you plan to release an open banking API so account aggregators like Emma can connect to Jaja accounts?

(Andy Hughes) #147

Thanks @Kyrre, I’m number 1,874 in the queue so it’s going to be a little while for me then :slight_smile:

(Dan Mullen) #148

Hi @Kyrre, I’m number 9 in the queue and am really looking forward to being able to sign up :+1:t2:


I would prefer they go with somewhere that isn’t Monzo to be honest, maybe somewhere a little less opinionated. I wouldn’t like Jaja to be influenced by a user base that isn’t even necessarily affiliated with them but a bank. Perhaps Fintechtalk or Curve? Mainly because both are rather generic and should have a wider range of opinions than you’d find on the Monzo forums where everyone is quite attached to Monzo.


Where is Curve’s forum/community?


It’s an invite only thing at the moment.

Moderation seems… strong :joy:


If moderation seems strong then maybe fintechtalk is the way to go


Amen brother!


I’m quite looking forward to JaJa I think it would almost completely my move from traditional banks (just mortgages left, and I’m going to keep my Amex!) If anyone want to use my referral link feel free.


However awful Atoms app is, I went from application, valuation and offer in just 3 days last week. All documents I need are within the app and I was notified at each stage.


Update on Jaja launch timeline


(Rob) #157

Caught this a few weeks ago via Seedrs. Like the idea. About time the domestic credit card market is shaken up a bit :slight_smile:


Have you heard of Tandem? But yeah Jaja looks neat.


You can now boost your spot on the waiting list by following Jaja on social media


(JackO) #160

Blimey, just doing that bought me from 2027 to 257, thanks for the info :+1:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #161

Yes indeed. Huge leap up the queue. Thank you.

(Now delete your link and we’re all good :rofl:).


I only moved down 2 places… :tired_face:

…from 9th to 7th! :grin:

(Dan Mullen) #163

@Chapuys Hmm, I’m also 7th :thinking:

Something not quite right here…

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #164

Everyone’s 7th :rofl: