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Just had a quick look at the Seedrs page.

They’ve raised £2.65 million since 11 am today - £2.5m of this from two investors!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #126

Hmmm. Big league investors. Somehow I think I’ll pass on this one.

I’ll wait and take a look at the card when it arrives.

(lewis oconnor) #127

I’ve invested


Jaja has over 540 investors in a couple of days which seems pretty decent? Are people getting onboard?

(Herp Derp) #129



I still find the Jaja name discussion hilarious! This forum inspired us to ask the public :laughing:

Watch the short film here:

I hope you enjoy.

We’ve been so busy getting our product ready and of course we’ve been flat out with our Seedrs campaign, which many of you know is about 99% funded.

I´m really sorry that I haven’t responded, but I exceeded my entries for the channel and wasn´t able to chat here. Only temporary thing probably :+1:

I think I addressed most of your questions in the Seedrs forum, so feel free to have a look here:

Takk :pray:



Thank you everyone for supporting Jaja! I wish I could respond to everyone but I am limited to 3 replies


Hopefully answered your question:) See below

(Herp Derp) #134

Is said forum at 00:44 us? :eyes:


I ended up investing 100£ just for the fun of it. Not really expecting any major returns but still more than happy to put my money where my mouth is and support modern businesses.

(Andy Hughes) #136

Are there any updates on when the onboarding process will start? @Kyrre


Thanks for your interest! Jaja staff are already using the app and card as their main credit card and all is working smoothly!

We’re working hard on polishing the app and are very excited to move forward. The next batch of issued cards will commence in December, first for some of our investors and business partners.

We will start onboarding those in the waiting list in January in progressive batches. Where are you placed in the list? :slightly_smiling_face:


Good question. It is a soft check

(Sam) #141

I’m excited to give Jaja a go - it seems like everything Tandem promised it would be!


Hi Recchan, on December we will only onboard a bunch of investors and business partners. Then in January we will start onboarding the waiting list and the rest of the investors in progressive batches


Thanks for that! We are setting up a forum soon and hope to get valuable feedback from you all. In the meantime please keep suggesting ideas and thoughts. Appreciate it

(Sam) #144

A forum sounds good to me!


I think Emma have done pretty well by keeping a main active thread here, as most people don’t have space in their day for another forum, but would still follow a thread here.


@kyrre do you plan to release an open banking API so account aggregators like Emma can connect to Jaja accounts?

(Andy Hughes) #147

Thanks @Kyrre, I’m number 1,874 in the queue so it’s going to be a little while for me then :slight_smile: