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I don’t really understand the annoyance/impatience with the waiting list.

I haven’t seen anything which suggests a launch is ongoing or imminent and we know we can move up and down the waiting list depending on referrals.

The closest I have seen to a suggestion of a launch date is in the T&Cs

We may send you further details and an invitation to soft-check later this year, before onboarding



Hi. I’m interested to know more about this conversion to an “instalment loan”. Is this a novel idea in the credit space? Could you flesh out a theoretical example with numbers?

(Ian) #108

I was just thinking the same.

Also, my Swedish colleague calls her other half, who’s name is Jack, ‘yak’, they struggle with the J’s :smiley:


Thanks! Missed that.

Even less reason to be annoyed in October

(Dan Mullen) #110

In that case I take it back - I didn’t know they were launching in November :persevere:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #111

And I’ll join the queue of apologists…:flushed:

Let’s start again…:grinning::+1:

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #112

I’ve joined the queue … riiiiiight at the back :rofl:

My link should anyone want to use it:


I take it there isn’t an app to download already?

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #114

I’d imagine there’s a TF version, but obviously you’d need to be invited.

(Sean) #115

Barclaycard have a similar offering; you can convert a purchase to installment based payments:



From the app?

(Sean) #117

No to be fair you can manage one from the app (there’s a section for it but I can’t tell you how good it is as I haven’t used it) but has to be set up from the website though.


I hate nothing more than getting redirected to fill in a stupid form - from an app that already holds masses of data about me anyway. It’s just pointless. Barclaycard should easily be able to do this in the app.

(Micky) #119

In the meantime I’m not going to turn down free money

(Graham - Mental health professional) #120

Meanwhile, here’s my chance to get rich. Anyone coming with…? :grin:


As much as I’d like a modern card I’m not sure I would invest in them; unless I missed something I still don’t know what the business model will be; while at the same time if they do go the legacy route I wouldn’t want to invest in a business model focused on screwing less financially-savvy customers either.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #122

Suits me, Andre, I agree. :blush:

Seems rather pushy. I thought at first it was my invite to have the card.


This is becoming a well-trodden path. Soft launch with a waiting list, seedrs before the product is even out, then full launch with lots of promises of major features “very soon”, think Google Pay on Curve…, then very slow development thereafter. I really hope they just put out a great product soon and defy my expectations…

(Graham - Mental health professional) #124

Amen to that :smirk: