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(David Allardice) #85

Also is there going be some free cash withdrawals abroad? Edit I’ve just seen no fees on cash withdrawals according to the card summary pdf, and apparently no limit either so that’s a major USP the only other card to offer that is the Halifax clarity card, once this gets on moneysavingexperts as one of the best cards for travel (if not the best ) I think you’ll get a serious amount of exposure and sign ups based on that.

Looks like the same as Tandem too to me - no FX fees, transaction fees or limits on foreign cash withdrawals, but no interest-free period on cash withdrawals, so you’ll need to transfer cash to the credit card quickly to avoid interest charges (although this will usually be pennies).

Tandem still marginally ahead for me thanks to the cashback, although I’m Amex (BA Amex in the UK, Lloyds outside) as a first preference thanks to the points and other benefits.

(Andy) #86

What are the Lloyds benefits? I have the BA Amex for home use too

(David Allardice) #87

The Lloyds Avios Amex offered Avios like the BA card, but at a lower rate (1.25 Avios/£). The main advantage was no FX fees when used abroad. There was an accompanying Mastercard but the Avios earning rate on that was pitiful (0.25 Avios/£), but it too had no FX fees. There was a bonus voucher if you spent £7k a year on the cards, which let you upgrade an Avios booking to the next class, which could be quite useful to get a Business booking at the Premium Economy rate.

Unfortunately the card has now been discontinued, and while I still have mine I’m going to get a letter sometime in the next few months telling me I’m being transferred to a card with a much worse deal. It’s already closed to new applicants. Hence I’m looking around for new alternatives for foreign spending. So far I’m tending to Tandem as it gives me the small amount of cashback, but the customer service and app are fairly bad. I might end up just using Monzo and ignoring the cashback/reward elements since they’re so minimal these days.


Will Jaja be only the 3rd credit card that provides real-time notifications/balance updates (the other two being Amex and Tandem)?

Or are there more that have this feature?

(John) #89

Have signed up as responses have answered a couple of questions I had - will be interesting to see what happens :slight_smile:

My link if anyone needs it:

(Dave) #90

@Kyrre I know you are gearing up but are we talking days or weeks until you start onboarding people in the beta phase?

(Andy Hughes) #91

Are they already onboarding? I’m moving up the list somehow…

(Gordon Dack) #92

I’m moving up the list also so they must be taking up beta testers?

(Dave) #93

Not sure they are -happy to be corrected. I am in single digits on the list but actually went down a place today!

It would be good to know a rough timescale even if it’s next month, December etc.

(Andy Hughes) #94

Going down makes sense, because people can make referrals and jump the queue, thus pushing you down. But going up without making any referrals make no sense unless they’re signing people up?


Could be removal of people suspected of abuse

(Dan Mullen) #96

I’m also in single digits… surely we should be in by now, unless there is a constant stream of people moving just ahead in the queue?


Have to say I’m bored with marketing by artificial scarcity and games.

I’ll wait.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #98

Maybe we’re being impatient but I must say, it’s tiresome. I’d prefer the team at JA JA to plan out their messaging to coincide with the interest they’re generating.


I was very pleasantly surprised by the marcus opening - 2 days warning then open to everyone.

But then I’m getting old.

(#savetheseabass) #100

Big difference between an established (and very wealthy) company launching a product in a new country and a startup, who are still crowdfunding

(Gordon Dack) #101

Seems I have 1 referral so thanks to that person who used my link :wink:

Jumped up a fair bit on the list, very weird

(Kevyn) #102

I’m currently 6th in the list even though I joined late. Referrals really jump you up quickly until you get close to the end then it moves slow.


Seems like a good way to encourage people to make referrals

(Dan Mullen) #104

I was second on the list yesterday and eighth today. All getting a bit annoying… :confused: