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Thanks for all inputs! Really appreciated. Feel free to come by our office at Waterloo for a cup of coffee to chat more. Cheers

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Wouldn’t it make sense to link the two systems together through IFTTT. so trigger at the end of the month from JaJa would be "Pay off credit card " and then that could trigger Monzo to transfer money from the named account across into JaJa.
Just a random thought I had of how the two could work in Tandem

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Out of interest, @Kyrre, would a visit to your offices hasten the on-boarding process…? :slightly_smiling_face:


Outrageous suggestion! There’s a queue isn’t there?! :rage:


Functionally, that’s exactly the same as using bog standard direct debit

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Merely a polite enquiry…(though on reflection, cheekier than was the intention :smirk:)

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Yeah true

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To these ears “jaja” sounds clunky, maybe because the ‘jay’ pronunciation is quite specific in English.

In Spanish ‘jaja’ means LOL, pronounced “haha”. I’m not sure I’d want a credit card with LOL branding. There’s also a rather fabulous Rolling Stones live album called Get Yer Ya–Ya’s Out – Ya Ya’s being an obvious double entendre.

To me the name’s a miss, a case of something that doesn’t travel across borders particularly well.


But less reliable!

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Do you plan to set up your own user forum?

I ask because there are likely to be potential customers not currently part of Monzo’s community and the absence of such has proved to be a real negative point with Tandem, who’ve really missed a trick relying on Facebook for chat.

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Which credit reference agencies will you be reporting to? I know Monzo currently only appears on Callcredit.

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I work extensively with a Norwegian company and “jaja” is quite common there (as previously said). I agree that it might be a name that doesn’t work so well in the UK, and we might also be inclined to pronounce it incorrectly.

That said, I showed my Norwegian colleagues my Monzo card when I was last in Oslo. They were impressed with the bank and what it was doing, but at least one commented that they would have to change their name to be “taken seriously” in Norway :slight_smile:

So maybe we all just need to get used to these new types of names? :smile:


Couldn’t agree more with this.

Names always start off a bit ropey - Mondo/Monzo wasn’t exactly a head turner, and even now (in the UK), people I’ve spoken to will comment on the “unprofessional name and card colour” - As if a bank should be as rigid as an Oak tree.

I mean, imagine naming your tech company after a piece of fruit? Apple?! It’ll never catch on…

Don’t get me wrong, the first thing I think of is Jar Jar Binks - But I like the fact it’s name is part of the country of origin, and there is no clever “meaning” behind it, which always screams of a marketing ploy.


the name topic is getting more and more fun😅 We take peoples´money seriously but we don´t take ourselves too seriously. The most important at the end of the day is the product though


We´ll be using Call Credit :+1:


Absolutely. Just need to get all ducks in a row first

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Hi there,
Is your backend built in house ?

Also is there going be some free cash withdrawals abroad? Edit I’ve just seen no fees on cash withdrawals according to the card summary pdf, and apparently no limit either so that’s a major USP the only other card to offer that is the Halifax clarity card, once this gets on moneysavingexperts as one of the best cards for travel (if not the best ) I think you’ll get a serious amount of exposure and sign ups based on that.

I noticed you have a .co.uk are you planning on going European /world wide , obviously world domination is the plan but is it something on your roadmap ?

One thing I’d learn from monzo is that customer service needs to be ahead of user growth and be scaled well as new customers onboard, nothing puts me off a new service than a weak limited customer service.

Plus integration with money aggregators like Emma and Yolt would be amazing.


I don’t think a name has any relevance to me, its a credit card nothing more, well yes its got an app and so on, so a bit more. You don’t walk into a shop and say I’ll pay with my Barclaycard, or my Lloyds Bank Visa, you just pay with a card.

A Credit Card with no fees and a decent app, providing the rates are good, can only be a good thing.


Signed up for the waiting list on this.


I have to say, I’m more interested due to the cofounder popping up on this thread!