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(Emma (still not the app)) #519

You in that much of a hurry to get the card? It’ll be ready when it’s ready


Thanks for that, @Rat_au_van

(Emma (still not the app)) #521

You know what new product launches are like, they can have the best of intentions but it’s rare that nothing goes wrong

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #522

coughViola Blackcough


Sure! A bit of solid communication would be nice though :wink:

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It’s weird how everyone commenting on the various fintech forums seem to be moving backwards over the last few weeks.

I wonder where all the forward movers are coming from?

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I’ll keep a watch out with you, we might find one eventually.


Hi Kyrre

Any update on your progress and immediate plans with onboarding to beta / pre-release for those on the waiting list and seedrs investors?


Can confirm Amazon works now :ok_hand:

(SimonL) #528

Has anyone else been onboarded?

(Andy Freeburn) #529

Been a long time since I heard anything from anyone about any movement…




Looks like another company have jumped on board with a jaja type experience! No clue where I am in the waiting list mind - however I think this may actually be sensible. Jaja are rattling everyone’s cages by saying ‘soon’ when it’s nothing of the sort. Brexit is ‘soon’!

My link is https://tymit.co.uk/refer/okf21DlP if anyone wants to try it (https://tymit.co.uk/ without of course). It says limited to 2 friends per referral!? Maybe it just stops counting after 2. Again seems fairer than jaja - presumably even if 33% of the waiting list got the full 2 referrals, it’d then go in date order (oldest first) rather than the constant up and down with jaja and favouring those with more interested friends/borderline spamming.

As for the “you’ll get it when you get it” posts or similar re: jaja - I agree and completely appreciate a startup is hard and unpredictable, but I’ve lost count of how many weeks ago I was told very soon. Further emails imply the same. That just rubs people up the wrong way and doesn’t imply transparency/openness IMO

8,000 to onboard next week, heck of a week at jaja HQ.

To be clear - I’ve got no affiliation to either card, might apply for one or both. If they both accept me then I guess I’m a early adopter of 2 cards! Don’t have a favourite as from what I can tell both seem similar (Although I presume Tymit harder to get as lower APR band = willing to take less risk)

Edit: just noted Tymit say they are the ‘first digital credit card’. That’s possibly bending the truth if they were launched later than jaja, or maybe not as it depends on what your definition of a ‘digital credit card’ is :roll_eyes:. Why can’t companies just be transparent!?

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Looks interesting. I like that they use VISA, like Jaja. Given Monzo use MasterCard this is nice to have in a credit card.

Out of curiosity, where did you hear about them? I follow a few Fintech and startup blogs and have never heard of them.

Perhaps a Tymit thread should be created to continue discussion elsewhere?

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Tryit is only a registered Payment Services provider, not a authorised one. This means how the FCA regulate it is different. It also has restrictions on its licence, which isn’t that strange for a new company, but it means it hasn’t gone through all the necessary requirements that allow the FCA to authorise it.

No harm in following it, as its a credit card, the risk is on them, not you as such.


That’s interesting, so jaja have at least jumped through all jthe regulatory hoops, which gives them an advantage, greater credibility etc.

At first I was wondering whether there was a link between the two as they appear so similar (jaja testing a different waiting list concept etc), but seems not and the above post confirms that! Also wouldn’t particularly make sense if they wanted to grow the jaja brand.

@o99 it was sponsored advertising on my Facebook - if I see it again I’ll screenshot it but was presumably because I work in banking and follow Jaja et al.

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On their website it says regulated and authorised, the same as JAJA’s, unless I’m missing something.


Just to note - there is now a dedicated discussion thread for Tymit here:


Doesn’t matter what they actually say on the website, you can check the fca register yourself and it states they are registered not authorised.

(Kevyn) #539

I can say I am FCA regulated and authorised but I am definitely not. A savings company went into liquidation a few weeks ago who stated they were regulated and authorised and it turns out they were on some things, but not on other things. A lot of people lost a lot of money and they were not covered. As @daedal says, its best to alway check yourself.