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Yeah it probably is a month

Three weeks was being kind

(Emma (still not the app)) #519

You in that much of a hurry to get the card? It’ll be ready when it’s ready


Thanks for that, @Rat_au_van

(Emma (still not the app)) #521

You know what new product launches are like, they can have the best of intentions but it’s rare that nothing goes wrong

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #522

coughViola Blackcough


Sure! A bit of solid communication would be nice though :wink:


It’s weird how everyone commenting on the various fintech forums seem to be moving backwards over the last few weeks.

I wonder where all the forward movers are coming from?


I’ll keep a watch out with you, we might find one eventually.


Hi Kyrre

Any update on your progress and immediate plans with onboarding to beta / pre-release for those on the waiting list and seedrs investors?


Can confirm Amazon works now :ok_hand: