JAJA Discussion & Feedback

(Andy Freeburn) #498

Gone from 121 last week to 138 this week too!

(Patrick) #499

Nope - gone from 4 to 7. I’m assuming they’ve paused for some reason and this is people jumping ahead through referrals?

(SimonL) #500

I’ve gone from 270 to 333 so not much hope for me


Was on 44 now on 49

They don’t seem to of onboarded for a couple of weeks

(Lancelot Payne) #502

Was 101 now I’m 129 I’m pretty sure it will change again as the onboarding seems to of slowed down a lot.

(Dan Mullen) #503

From their Twitter feed:

Hi guys! Glad you’re :black_heart:ing the card :muscle: Amazon purchases work fine with the physical card, that’s right! For security reasons, virtual card purchases don’t work with Amazon until you’ve activated your physical card, but from that point on you’re good to go!

(Beta User) #504

Wasn’t that one of the reply I got. Lol :sunglasses::sunglasses:. Definitely works the moment physical card is activated.

(Beta User) #505

Tried using my Jaja card at Tesco petrol station and it said card not supported. Anyone had similar issue with Jaja card working at petrol station. Monzo Card came to rescue at Tesco petrol station :fuelpump: in the morning

(David watson ) #506

My jaja card didn’t work at tesco pay at pump either, is still only in early beta so hopefully will support soon.

(Beta User) #507

Hi, I spoke to them and they said they will investigate this and get back to me. :sunglasses:

(Dan Mullen) #508

I’ve spoken to them today and onboarding was put on hold last week to allow for some major upgrades. They will be sending invites out again from next week and are committed to onboarding all 7,000+ waitlist customers before the end of the month. They said they won’t launch to the public until everyone on the waitlist has had proper early access.


That’s going to be a busy end of March for them!


Still no sign of onboarding…?


So they’re going to onboard 7k+ in a couple of weeks when they don’t seem to have done more than a 100+ this year so far…

That would be plausible if they’d put out a partially functioning app so you could preverify, like dozens, but there’s no way they can hit that target from here.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #512

(Andy Hughes) #513

What’s looking more likely? Brexit going through or JAJA onboarding 7000+ customers by the end of March? :thinking::joy:


Deffo JAJA :joy: Brexit dead :joy:

(Patrick) #515

I went down to number 3 for about a week, now I’m at number 4. Doesn’t seem like they’ve done anything for ages.


Moving down still :man_facepalming: If there’s a problem it’d be great to get an update

I’ve not moved in three weeks…?


I’ve been in the top 100 for well over a month. There is no movement apart from movement down the list rather than up.