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(Lancelot Payne) #476

So I’ve gone backwards as well by 7 spots this is fun haha :joy::+1:t4:

(Andy Hughes) #477

I’ve given up being excited about getting onboarded tbh. Just going back and back in the queue.

(Dan Mullen) #478

The public launch is due at the end of March so I would expect you’ll definitely be onboarded soon.

(Sean) #479

Same, I’ve slipped from 6 to 11 since the last onboard. If they add 10 again now I’ll miss out


I’m not sure how good this card will be to put hotel and rental cars deposits. If the money hasn’t been returned when the statement is produced, Jaja require users to pay these pending transactions.

Using the card in America, where restaurants pre-authorities an amount and then take the full amount with tip. The credit card statement could be doubled.

I would have preferred the way Monzo do it buy not charging overdraft fees before its a confirmed transaction.


Jaja include pending charges on the statement? That doesn’t sound right :hushed:


I’ve got an Amazon transaction pending on the card, I’ve canceled the order. If the money isn’t returned back to my account before statement date. This transaction will appear on my statement and require to be paid off.

Hopefully I have got this wrong and this isn’t the case.


Have you asked if this is the case? They usually reply pretty quickly.


I asked support and the reply was to make a least the minimum repayment to avoid late fees. The incoming payment may not reach the account before payment due date.

This sounds like pending transactions will be on the monthly statements but when the money is returned the statement amount goes down.


I’d be a bit annoyed if pre-auths appear on statements. Hotels often don’t clear the pre-auth and make a new charge, and the pre-auth just drops off after a while.


Just spoken to a nice guy in Jaja customer support on the phone. Even he’s confused about how pending transactions work and if they show up on statements. He seem’s to think that only confirmed transactions will appear on the statements.

Its been passed up to the technical team for the confirmed answer.

(JackO) #489

It’s normal credit card behaviour to take pending transactions from your available balance straight away. What makes you think that Jaja is putting them on the statement for the month while still pending?

However they will not actually be charged on your credit card statement until the transaction setttles and the money is taken (at least that’s how it usually works).

Bit concerning that the support doesn’t know the answer to your question, but I suppose they must be new to the job as they’ve only recently started letting more people in.


The Jaja app doesn’t show that a transaction is pending or has been confirmed. The app lets me repay the balance spent including the ones that are pending transactions.

I have been told that pending transactions don’t appear on monthly statements. They are looking into making it clearer between a pending and confirmed transactions in the app.


Dear friend,

You may have seen more than a little buzz online these past few weeks, as we’ve begun the roll-out of our first public beta phase! We’ve now got an increasing number of beta testers delving in to all the app has to offer and testing out its functionalities.

The good news is that our first testers love the product. Our journey is far from over and we’re just getting started but we’re so grateful to our pioneers for seeing through the bits we’re working on and for their diligent feedback.

Right now, the time is for us to listen and learn. We believe that the only way to provide the best customer experience in the market is to place the customer at the heart of everything we do. Our beta testers have given us so much feedback and we’re pleased to see how much of it is good! But just as important as the compliments are the bits of feedback, bugs and new ideas that have been shared with us.

This is why our Beta Release has been limited thus far. It’s allowing us to polish the app, test our engines and limit the risk of onboarding too many people at once. Our initial testing has been high-touch as it lets us be very hands on with all those engaged with us, and really get to the details of their experience of Jaja. This also means that the app is going to be in a better stage once the rest of the tester batches onboard.

We’re looking forward to inviting even more of you to onboard over the following weeks. We know that some of you are desperate to play around with Jaja so we thank you for being so patient! We are still onboarding those on the waiting list in order and every one of you will have the opportunity to apply for the card before we launch to the general public!

We’ll be firing on all cylinders in the Jaja office over the next few weeks to bring more and more of you on board and keep improving our product. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

To all of our Jaja Pioneers
Stay awesome,

Co-founder and CMO

Update from Jaja.

What APRs have everyone been offered? Has anyone here been offered higher/lower than the representative APR?

(JackO) #492

Ah I see where the confusion lies that does sound quite unclear

(Patrick) #493

Isn’t it usually Friday that they on-board another group of people? Hoping for an email today as I’m at number 4!


I’m now at 48

Doesn’t look like they’ve onboarded for a good while


It’ll be interesting to see how do with onboarding everyone by the end of the month.

(Andy Hughes) #496

Still slipping down the queue. Has anybody actually got onboarded at all recently?

(Adam) #497

Nope… I’ve gone from 6 to 11 :frowning: