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(Kevyn) #456


Asda Flexible Payments is a trading name of Jaja Finance Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register number: 775979).



It’s a soft search… so won’t make a difference.

And nothing wrong with applying for credit, if it’s something that’s wanted/needed. I’d rather Jaja and close one of my existing cards - supporting a startup, innovative etc… unlike the ones I’ve got at the moment


Different products will have different lending criteria… depending on type/rate/type of customer they want to attract…

(Kevyn) #459

Personally, I would assume that Asda Flexible Payments is just a branded version of what Jaja plan to offer under their own name and would use the same system and lending criteria. However, I don’t know so I am probably wrong. Hopefully it will be all right when you apply.


Yep at beta stage, I’m pretty sure that’s what they’d do - keep it simple.

That’s why I just want to get up the waiting list and either get it, or not!

But in the long run, it’ll be different rates for sure - NewDay are a very good example. Aqua (credit building) and multiple Co-branded cards with retailers all with different criteria.

(Sean) #461

Don’t think so, I slipped 3 places, still top 10 though. :soon: :crossed_fingers:


Still at 44 today :upside_down_face:

(Kevyn) #463

Bought my insurance today using the virtual Jaja card (the cost was £429.66) and it looks like 3D secure is online and working fine via text message.


I like that it’s a 4 digit code for 3D secure, easier than a longer number.


and still at 44

Not onboarded anyone in three days?

(Lancelot Payne) #466

Still around the 100 mark been like that for a few weeks now so will see what happens but seem to be moving much.


Looking forward to getting onboard, but they seem to have sent out about 40 invites in 3 weeks which isn’t great.


Yeah they don’t seem to be rushing

Wonder if they’re encountering any issues

(Dan Mullen) #469

Well I’ve been using the app and both the physical and digital card for a few weeks and, apart from a few issues in the app that I’ve fed back, everything’s working fine.

They’ve released a few updates to the app and they’re definitely responding to feedback people are sending them.


Wonder why not onboarding more then?

Will just have to wait


So had more use of the (virtual) card today (no physical card yet. I’m hoping tomorrow (monday)!). Made a purchase @ Ali Express in USD.

Found an interesting bug/visual glitch:

Tells me 63.78 USD, however it was 63.78 GBP converted from 82.71 USD.

Also made a purchase at H&M, in which I experienced the 3D Secure flow:


I reported the notification bug with foreign transactions the other day.


:+1: I’ve reported it too.


Still not onboarding?

Gone from 44 to 45 :grinning:

(Andy Freeburn) #475

I’ve managed to go backwards by 6 places in the last few days… Lol!