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(lewis oconnor) #436

im gutted :roll_eyes:

(Jordan Taylor) #437

One of a few credit card providers with an app that’s easy to use, instant notifications and features like freezing your card. Future features will include credit sharing which can be helpful for some.
No fee for foreign transactions either.

(Emma (still not the app)) #438

It’s new and not a big established company. Two big plus points for me

(Splodf) #439

I’m actually a shareholder in Jaja from an earlier Seedrs round, but I’m struggling to remember exactly what enticed me.

Are these the people that provide Asda Directs finance?


My first thoughts…

So first experiences buying a top on ASOS, very nice. I got invited today so no physical card yet, however there’s the in-app virtual card. CVV seems to change every time I view it which is a nice touch.

I initially tried buying a USB-C cable on Amazon but Amazon kept rejecting my card, presumably because Amazon charge X minutes later and the CVV has changed? But on 2nd thoughts, Amazon doesn’t even ask for my CVV?

Here’s some screenshots:

and the notification:

Seems like everyone is getting a £500 limit during the beta, to then be re-evaluated after (between £250 and £20k).

I also setup a Direct Debit, which was a very smooth experience. An hour or two after setting up the DD, I received the following email:

Asked them about it, they said they’re working on fixing it.

See above, I think so.


Depends what you value I suppose, but for what it’s worth the following is what caught my attention when Jaja was first mentioned on here and they remain the primary reasons I’m interested…

(Splodf) #442

Damn looks like I have another waiting list to join!

I wonder if it’s worth hanging on to see if a cashback card materialises!?


Asked them about the Amazon issue this morning, here’s what I got back:

I wonder if it would work with the physical card when I receive that? I’ll have to try!

(Kevyn) #444

I would have thought it the same but hopefully someone who has the card can confirm?

(I’ve not received one yet).


I know @jtaylor69 has?

(Dan Mullen) #446

I suspect the physical card will be fine as it has a fixed CVV.

(Jordan Taylor) #447

The number and expiry matches, but the CVV on the in app card will be different, which is why you’ll be unable to use it with Amazon (untill physical card arrives).
Just checked now and my CVV in app began with 9 and physical CVV begins with a number that’s lower.

(Kevyn) #448

Amazon doesn’t use CVV’s in any transaction so it shouldn’t matter if the online card or a physical card is used. You cannot enter a CVV on the Amazon website.

The question is, is Jaja blocking any transaction without a CVV or is it another issue.

(Simon) #449

Probably right that it’s due to JAJA needing the cvv, where I work, the automated system declines transactions where no cvv has been entered by the customer. I can then manual run the authorisation with no cvv and most of the time the card is then fine.
A lot of websites that send us card information are changing so cvv is not needed.

(Jonathon) #450

Out of interest has anyone yet been declined a card after signing up due to the credit search?

Curious how conservative they are being at the start.


Been at 44 in the queue all day :man_shrugging:

Anybody gained access today?


I’ll let you know when they get to 700 :joy:


That does sound pretty awesome!! Won’t be any use for me, but good to see something truly different


We’ll find out in the next round of invites!

My rating has improved to ‘poor’ rather than very poor. Bankruptcy 4 years ago so will be interesting to see if it’s a decline or not.

I did a soft search for Asda Flexible Payments (I don’t actually want it, but just wanted to see if it would decline). It declined… so hopefully Jaja are more relaxed in their scoring. APR is up to 34.9% so that’s on par with Capital One etc.

You can’t expect good credit then charge 34.9%… but at Beta Stage I imagine it’ll be no to be fair. I’m sure I’ll be testing their appeals process under GDPR/DPA 2018 - at least I’ll end up being another learning point for them! :smiley:


Do yourself a favour, stop applying for credit until your rating improves a bit. Any credit you have make sure it’s paid off in full