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Isn’t that how second card holders work now with legacy credit cards? Everything is the first credit holder’s responsibility isn’t it?


No idea to be fair.

If the second person has to apply and have a JAJA account themselves, I see little “innovation” there.

If they don’t then I can see some useful uses for it!


From what I’ve read, it sounds like the innovation is that you can share just some of your credit limit. It’s not all or nothing like an additional card holder.
Maybe I’m wrong though :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I’m trying to think of an example where that would be useful (assuming both people need a JAJA account which already has a credit limit anyway).

It sounds like a recipe for disaster if people are needing to borrow extra money from a known person to buy something their existing credit limit won’t support…

Maybe I’m just thinking of the negatives too much!


I can think of ways it could be useful, such as a family holiday where one person is doing the bookings, but everyone is contributing. A shared kitty, if you will.

It will be interesting to see what they do with it.

(Dan Mullen) #421

The example I discussed with Jaja is a son or daughter at University. You could provide them with £200 of your credit limit. No need to give them cash and you could potentially limit the categories of spending, e.g. yes to shops, no to pubs.


Appreciate I’m picking apart a very hypothetical situation of a feature we don’t have the full details of… So I’ll leave it there :smiley:

So you don’t think the son or daughter would need to sign up to JAJA or anything?

(Dan Mullen) #423

That’s not the impression I got, though it could be that they have to be above a certain age. Will be interested to see exactly how it pans out, looks a very interesting feature to me.

(Sean) #424

16 -> 6… So close…

(Jordan Taylor) #425

Glad to see the back button issue fixed in the latest Android update. Kept nearly closing the app when viewing transaction details.


Either way I am goosed on both as a carer for my son and completed bankruptcy last December JAJA 6+ years here I come :joy::joy::joy:

(Splodf) #427

Well in that spirit, it’s something to look forward to :wink:


I was thinking more that any company with the right approach could do a lot of great things to develop on the additional cardholder theme. There’s no reason in principle why a credit card can’t have many of the features of Monzo


Rich transaction information and fee-free FX are a couple of things Amex don’t do that I am looking forward to in Jaja.

I think I’d also prefer my balance to be updated instantly (like Monzo) rather than after pending transactions have cleared. Can anyone say how Jaja are approaching this?


I think I’d also prefer my balance to be updated instantly

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I’m up to 83 now. Looking forward to getting this :grin:

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i was showing as 2 earlier when i checked…im now 284 again…


Sounds like JS didn’t load in your browser. It defaults to 2 then when the JS loads goes to your actual position.

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Can someone give me or point me in the direction of, a quick synopsis of why I’d want a Jaja card? I can’t find much info on them…

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Think that’s a bug on the page load, I always show as #2 for a few seconds then goes to my normal position in the queue