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(Dan Mullen) #396

That’s one of the points I’ve raised.

(Beta User) #397

Haha Jaja club it is now


16th now, so they’ve sent at least 10 invites today.

Wonder how they’re doing it to authorise the whitelisting, seems manual at the moment? I’d imagine their IT are coming up with something (adjusting the current waiting page??) where people can stick their email and mobile device etc in before, otherwise onboarding 6700+ people is going to be painful!!

When are the credit searches done, on the jaja app itself? That’s going to be the next hurdle for them - anyone that is declined after going through all this!

(Kevyn) #399

A soft check is done to check eligibility during the app application and you are hard checked at the end of it when you accept the credit agreement.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #400

I’m at position #35 now. I suspect I’ll need to wait for the next bunch, at this rate.

After all this waiting, I’m hoping for great things!


What’s with all the interest in jaja?

What are they doing that others aren’t?

(Andy Freeburn) #402

im at 118 now!


I hate to say, but I’m also wondering myself.

Monzo works best if you put your spending through it (assuming you are using budgeting/analytics).

If you don’t (and I’m one of those), it’s just a good app with a 21st century twist on the norm.

So JAJA is a credit card with instant notifications and a good looking app?

If you use it for spending, it lessens your Monzo experience.

Surprised to see so much love for it, but always happy to see a new player do well.

(Beta User) #404

It’s just an app based credit card :credit_card:. I think all of us are interested because most credit card companies are still traditional and boring. Let’s see where this company will lead us


I get that - I just wonder if people realise that their Monzo set up might all of a sudden become less useful (this is dependant on if they use the budgeting features of Monzo already).

(Andy Freeburn) #406

One of the biggest USP’s above being a fintech with a rish app-based experience is that they have a concept of being able to ‘share’ your credit limit with friends/family which is quite unique


That’s cool.

Does it create a financial connection on your credit file?


I’ve been looking for a Tandem alternative with no FX fee abroad. It’s always better to pay for flights and hotels on a credit card too.

(Beta User) #409

Monzo is still useful to me . It’s my main app. Sometimes I like to use credit card for bigger purchases - mainly due to cash back and I make the payment via direct debit using Monzo. I just prefer to have a credit card which is app based and modern rather then pre existing boring credit cards out there. Amex is pretty good in my opinion. Their CS is top notch.


Great app, great customer service and great rewards.

Not sure what more a FinTech credit card could offer (other than VISA support)?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Is it CallCredit/Transunion search?

If it’s Experian I’ve got no hope!

(Dan Mullen) #412

I doubt it. I believe the way it will work is you are the person responsible for your credit limit. You can share it with people but you are 100% responsible for it. The other person isn’t credit checked and doesn’t have a credit line with Jaja.


But would they get their own card and app?

In theory, would this work for kids?

(Andy Freeburn) #414

I dont believe it is an alternative to someone signing up to their own credit agreement but instead is a means of you ‘co-signing’ on a credit agreement by accepting shared responsibility for the repayments etc… (ie: wife needs a new car but her credit limit is £3000 - car costs £5000 - I can ‘share’ my credit limit with her to get her up to the required amount…) at least thats how i see it working…


OK, conflicting info there - Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Your way would make more sense, but @danmullen’s way would be more innovative, if not quite a bit more risky.