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(Beta User) #376

I got my invite today . I have just typed in my details. Hello Jaja :wave:


Just got my invite too. :+1:

Awaiting the beta email now

(Beta User) #378

Dan, since you have been with Jaja, can I ask you a quick question. How long will it take from the registration of email and mobile number to downloading the beta app. I haven’t receive any link to download the beta app yet. Hope you can update me ?

(Beta User) #379

Me too awaiting the beta email :e-mail:

(Beta User) #380

Haha do you meant Rasasu! That’s me :slight_smile: I know , I have been waiting so long and finally got the invite. Hahaha .

(Dan Mullen) #381

I got the first email around 1pm, submitted my details around 2pm and received the final email with link to the app around 5pm. So about 3 hours after submitting my details :+1:t2:

(Beta User) #382

Thanks :pray:t4: Dan. Can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:


nice to see some movement, even if I wasn’t included! :disappointed:

(Kevyn) #384

I was part of the second round and it took 2 days to get Testflight approved.

You may have more luck, as my initial email was sent out on a Friday, but just preparing you for the worst :smile: .

(Beta User) #385

Haha. Thanks :pray:t4: for the pre alert. Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Lancelot Payne) #386

Still waiting to get through I’ve been stuck around 110+ for a good week or two now hopefully I’ll get onboard soon to see what it’s like ^__^.

(SimonL) #387

I seam to keep going back in the line was 270 now 292 think need more friends lol :joy:

(Kevyn) #388

I only had 11 referrals to get me to 33rd (of the original list). Just a few will jump you up loads.

Edit: As @danmullen states below, plus the social media shares.

(Dan Mullen) #389

I got up to #4 with 12 referrals and various social media shares.

(SimonL) #390

I’ve done the social media ones just no referrals as no friends are interested


Haha sorry, yea I meant you but can’t spell!

Glad you’ve got it now!

The irony being I’ve gone down another 2 places today, will be interesting to see how many places I move up once today’s invited people are removed. I’m 27th at the moment. I’d imagine the next batch, but never really know at this rate!

(lewis oconnor) #392

I’ve moved from 292 to 2 :thinking::grin:

(Andy Freeburn) #393

I’ve dropped from 122 to 127 as of today lol!


got my testflight email and all approved :grinning:


I’m in too! Very nice app but with a notch there needs to be some margin at the top, some things are being chopped off!