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That’s odd. Probably a fraud prevention check to make sure you’ve definitely got the card. The virtual one can still be used in the meantime can’t it?

Hopefully they’ll feed things like the above into their app process, so it’s clear as more people are onboarded.


The virtual card has worked from day one. I’ve given feedback to Jaja about this and if its possible for the card to be activated in the app.


Jaja are releasing another batch soon apparently. I won’t hold my breath.


Where did they say this? :slight_smile:


A facebook comment from earlier today


“Soon” covers all manner of sins…



They’ve said/implied anyone in the top 50 should have an invite “soon” for the last 3 weeks on twitter!

(Andy Hughes) #363

From their timeline on their website they reckon they’re gonna go public in March. At this rate it doesn’t seem like their 5000 beta users (that receive sign-up perks) will even be on-boarded by then…


I’d rather them take it slower and get things right. No point rushing a new product.


Well I would as well, but I’d also like to see them being a bit more honest about it. They make out they’ve been sending out invites all the time in ever increasing batches. In reality, it’s 2 batches and 25 people it seems. Meanwhile your position in the list changes. The list should be frozen now it’s over 5000, and they should explain how investors and beta list will be progressed.

It looks like a great product, I’m keen to try it, just would like to understand when that’s likely to be.


For a financial organisation, it doesn’t seem the most transparent.

A quiz or a prize draw appearing like a ponzi scheme and having people relentlessly pushing their referrals fair enough… but a financial provider?

Could you imagine Natwest behaving like this?

Great product, but I was told “nearly” 3 weeks ago. How happy you would be 3 weeks later depends on your definition of nearly I guess…

(Dan Mullen) #367

With each batch of invites and subsequent feedback they receive, the product will get more polished. Each batch is likely to get larger as the bugs are fixed and features tweaked. I have no doubt all 5,000 will have access before the end of March.

(Dan Mullen) #368

N26 completely botched their UK launch because it wasn’t the finished product. Some people (like me) will have been permanently put off them.

Jaja are being a bit more conservative and want a successful public launch and are being berated for it!


Would you say the same if you didn’t have a card and had no idea when you’d get one?


Conservative is fine… very sensible in fact.

Mis-representing what is ACTUALLY happening is a whole different story!

For how long has Rasau been told he’ll get an invite soon?

A sensible timeline and plan would be best IMO. E.g. “we’ve just released batch 1, we’ll take 2 weeks to gather and analyse feedback, then Batch 2 will come along”.

(Andy Hughes) #371

I don’t think they’re being berated for wanting a successful launch, but if there are issues holding back the launch surely current users who are on the beta and those waiting to be, should be kept informed?

A counter of how many have been on-boarded would be nice, rather than just having a position in a queue which is always changing (usually further down the queue). I agree with @chistery that the queue should also be frozen.

(Dan Mullen) #372

If I knew what their strategy was and it seemed sensible, I think I’d be fine with that.

(Andy Hughes) #373

Anyway, guys with the card: What do you like? What don’t you like? Do you think this is gonna change the way you use a credit card? Keen to see what you are thinking so far :+1:


Back in October, I was already bored with the waiting list rigmarole… It’s just tedious!


I was on the N26 beta list. We were told we’d all get chance to try it out, and how feedback from their initial testers was soooo important. Well I got on the beta on Thursday and they launched fully to the public on the Monday. Now that is what I call shambolic. Not at all what JAJA are doing.