JAJA Discussion & Feedback

(Simon) #336

Ah ok I’ve been 32 for a while. Heading Vietnam in a week so hoped it would come before.

(Brian) #337

Still waiting also, have been at no. 3 this past week :thinking:

(Jordan Taylor) #338

Might be my shaky hand combined with flash, and the reflective surface.

(Andy Hughes) #339

I’m so confused here… I keep getting things from JAJA on Facebook with little feedback quotes from users. How is it possible that some of these users have had a go with the card/app? For example this one:

#2119?!?! I’ve been at around 155 for the past week and not a sniffle of anything!


They are being shown the app via video call or in person in the office, and people say nice things in order to get on the beta :grinning:


Not cool…

(Jordan Taylor) #342

I was featured in one a number of weeks ago.
The first one they posted on Twitter if I recall correctly.
I think it’s good to show real feedback, even at this early stage.


Any info on how many they have onboarded?

I’m around 150 in waiting list but keep slipping :cry:


I’ve been in the top 100 for ever and hardly any movement for me.

(Andy Hughes) #345

How did you manage to arrange this? Were you approached? What number were you in the queue at the time?

I just fail to see how I’m #155 and have had nothing when #2119 has managed to try the app. It’s a bit of a joke considering I liked/followed/subscribed to their social media to go up places and yet, there has been nothing on those asking for people to trial the app for feedback.


(Simon) #346

I’m 32. I think they aren’t on boarding in order.

(Ramadevan Ramachandaran) #347

I am currently number 3 for one weeks now. Lol

(Saul) #348

I spoke to them and they are onbording in order - the people with the high numbers don’t necessarily have the app they could have tested it in their office for them.


JaJa have on-boarded in 2 rounds. They introduced 15 about two or so weeks ago and last Friday around 20 more.

When these occurred the first time I moved from 33rd to 18th, and the second time I was accepted. I was only accepted last Friday evening so the next round should be soon. They stated they will increase the number introduced slowly with each on-boarding.

Some people who feel they have been static, there has been a lot of movement lately. I was 7th for months to suddenly fall to 33rd, then back to 18th. You could just have been unlucky those days as some people are pushing referrals to get in.


I find this really interesting as the majority of my spend still goes through my credit card, primarily for protection and rewards.

Having said that I am interested to see how the business model develops. If it’s a case of relying on long term revolvers then I don’t really see what is so different. I hope I am wrong.

(Andy Freeburn) #351

I think you’ll find that the #2119 references the investor number - via the latest round of funding as opposed to position on the waitlist… at least thats how I read it…


2 rounds doesn’t quite match their twitter responses which makes it sound like they are sending out batches all the time in ever increasing numbers. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

(Dan Mullen) #353

I think the way they’re doing it is sensible. I’ve reported a few bugs, most of which have been fixed, and I’ve provided a fair amount of feedback and suggestions. Better to act on early feedback and polish the product before rolling out to large numbers, otherwise they’re likely to get a lot of duplicate feedback that could have been avoided.


The N26 UK launch being an example of how this goes badly, they’re then playing catch up while a large amount of people are effected by simple things.


Received my card today in the post. Found out from support that the card needs to be activated using the Chip and Pin before using online. I thought this was only needed to activate the contactless.