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(Jordan Taylor) #309

Congrats and welcome to the club :tada:


Dam, I’m 31 on the list!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #311

All good fun, but I’ll be interested to see if it’s really different enough.

(Ramadevan Ramachandaran) #312

I am currently number 3 on waiting list . Yay !!


Currently 9. :eyes:

(David watson ) #314

Nice to other people getting invites. I’m still waiting for my physical card after signing up last week, has anyone got theirs yet?

(Dan Mullen) #315

Still waiting for mine.


Surprised to receive an invite yesterday night. I thought they had delayed it as I assumed that they would be sending them around the same time as the first batch.


I moved up yesterday to 43 then down to 44 now I’m up to 25 so assume they sent about 20 invites.

This whole thing is getting ridiculous now, they need to freeze the positions in the waiting list and make it clear how many they are sending. At 25 Its fair to assume I now should be within the next 2 batches - but when is that going to be and I could be back down to 40s or 50s by then

This is supposed to be a serious financial institution not a pissing game

@Kyrre I’m unsure of your position in Jaja (I assume you’re from them, from your post). Whoever is managing this waiting list antics should see this.

I know they want us to sign more people up, but how am I going to recommend it to a friend? “Hi xxx, great new card I’ve been waiting for, I was 10th in the queue and expecting an invite over a week ago, then I dropped to 60th, now I’ve been constantly moving about whilst seeing other people are getting cards - but hey, sign up, I can’t tell you what it’s like but you should [cant promise anything] get an invite soon. Oh and you still need to pass credit scoring once you get said invite. No it’s really not a joke, it’s a new lender”

(Katrina) #319

Visa is about 0.1% more expensive than Mastercard.

(Stuart) #320

Whole thing seems a shambles to me and the credit limits look laughable too

(Splodf) #321

Pretty certain you’ve posted about limits before in this thread and been told that Jaja is in Beta, as are the limits. This hasn’t changed:

£250-20k They’re good limits.

Your other criticism I agree with. Queueing systems, teamed with referral queue jump benefits stink of old Ponzi schemes. But on this occasion, its obvious they’re testing the platform. I’d much sooner be patient and get a fully working product then a rushed sh*tshow.

(Stuart) #322

I hear you but feel people should know what they are getying even in beta

(David watson ) #323

Finally! :grin:

(Nathan Steer) #324

Yay, the sliding card things… I had far too much fun with that when I got my Revolut card… I’m a grown up, promise… :joy:

(Ramadevan Ramachandaran) #325

Still waiting for my invitation :rofl::pray:t4:

(Herp Derp) #326

Not really moved

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #327

You need more friends.

(Herp Derp) #328

Or a load of disposal emails

(Dan Mullen) #329

Mine was delivered this morning but I’m at work, so no photo from me :smiley: