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(David watson ) #275

I tried making a purchase on amazon last night but it failed as the cvv had expired when they processed a while later, it lasts 90 minutes I believe is what they told me this morning, and told me to wait and add physical card to Amazon payments when it arrives.


It’s a great feature, but would be even better if you had some control over the time the number is valid. Maybe five minutes, 24 hours, one week etc

(Stuart) #277

I would give this s go if the limit was more useful.

(Jordan Taylor) #278

The limit of £500 is for the first period of the beta.
As @danmullen mentioned, following the first period, it will be anywhere between £250 and £20,000 depending on circumstances.

(Stuart) #279

Thats great if you get £20k as it could replace my amex or barclaycard.

Problem is going through the hassle of waiting then getting then finding out limit is low.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #280

Blimey - do credit card companies ever offer limits in that neighbourhood? Sounds huge to me.

(Simon) #281

Yes sometimes a lot higher. I used to work for RBS a long time ago, some cards had transaction limits of this amount with the actual limit considerably higher.


£20k is quite low if you want to buy a Lamborghini!

(#savetheseabass) #283

I prefer a suitcase full of cash when I buy Lamborghinis


No section 75 protection then :joy:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #285

Section 75 only covers purchases up to £30,000 though.

(Splodf) #286

A Lamborghini tyre then.

(Stuart) #287


Barclaycard and Amex seem to be most generous for me.

HSBC worst.

(Sean) #288

Strange I’ve found HSBC giving me the most. Barclaycsrd middle of the pack and NatWest bringing up the rear.

(Stuart) #289

Just put my emakl in im 6088 in yhe queue so lol

(Saul) #290

Im 49 on the list hoping for it soon

(Patrick) #291

Actually just jumped from 4,000 odd to 444, by clicking on the like links. I really want to streamline all my cards and stuff. Looking for one I’ll stick with,

Ideally I’ll end up with the one from my bank - then my Amex and possibly one more with a high limit.
At the moment I’ve got loads, all with high limits and near zero balances. I’ve opened and closed far too many accounts over the last few years! Hoping that won’t affect my credit rating too massively as Jaja looks promising.

Edit: After clicking on the rest of the links I’m now at 191.

Obligatory referral link:


Anyone had an invite today?

(Andy Hughes) #293

Nobody wants to leak us the APK for a little looky? :wink:


Well, doesn’t look like any more invites have been sent since the initial few.

Has anyone got their physical card yet?