JAJA Discussion & Feedback

(Sean) #255

#2 last night and now #77 this morning :sweat::sweat_smile:


I’m only down 2 places, they’ve not disallowed some of your referrals have they??

(Ramadevan Ramachandaran) #257

I was in 20’s and now slipped to 44. Haizzz . Hopefully can get into beta testing .

(Dan Mullen) #258

I believe that everyone on the waitlist will get access at some point before the public launch.

(Sean) #259

No I think the extra buzz created by first invites going out has probably just got people rushing to get some more referrals in. :crossed_fingers: for today :slight_smile:

(Andy Gallagher) #260

But I’m #77 lol

It’s seems very sketchy when loading the page as it’s shown me as position #2 and then after 5 seconds switching me to #77


:astonished: How many referrals have you made?


Has anyone had an invite today? Wonder if now they’ve met their end of Jan target that’ll be it for a while.


Haven’t heard anything but it wouldn’t surprise me if they wait until the first set of users have received and started using their physical card before sending out next set of invites.


If you are on slow internet (moi, mobile tethering!) it shows #2 with 7 referrals I think, has done for day 1 for me, then corrects itself when it’s fully loaded


I’ve been told that I should expect to receive an invite sometime next week


What # are you? :slight_smile:


30th but I’m also a seedrs investor.

(Sean) #268

Only 4. Sounds like the #2 was false hope

(Andy) #269

33rd of January I think.

(Jordan Taylor) #270

For everyone that’s in so far, what’s your favourite feature?
I like how the CVV for the digital card is new each time you view the details. Really helpful from a security point of view.


Do you need the app for the CVV when using the physical card or is the virtual card totally separate?


So what happens if you aren’t charged straight away? How long is the virtual CVV valid for?

(Dan Mullen) #273

The digital card is totally separate to the physical card.

It’ll validate the transaction at the point of purchase. The CVV changes each time you view the digital card details in the app.


So you can’t use the virtual CVV when it might not be charged immediately. E.g. When making changes to a BA booking that requires it to be passed to ticketing to amend.