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Nice, will be interested to see what limits people get.

I’m happy it’s been expanded to 34.9% (initial summary box just had 18.9%) - should mean poorer credit scorers get a try!

(Jordan Taylor) #234

Just ordered a curry and everything worked as it should!
The app is really nice and other than a few quirks which are expected, it’s really good to have an easy to access credit card app.
I’ve just made a repayment too and it worked flawlessly (paid via Monzo).

Note: Merchant enrichment will arrive soon (before anyone asks!)


That looks very nice!

(Dan Mullen) #236

Yes, onboarded and have my digital card. Will be carrying out a few tests tonight. App looks very nice.


I was meant to get an invite to Jaja today but as I wasn’t too keen on a video chat with Jaja. I have been moved down the waiting list.

I am now just a ‘user’ of Jaja as I’m no longer good enough for them even though I have invested my hard earned money in them.

(Jordan Taylor) #238

There’s only a very small amount of invites that have gone out so far, which I believe is the right thing to do in this case, as it helps refine any rough edges that can occur.
I’m sure you’re not too far off now, going by what you’ve mentioned in previous posts and as a result, you’ll get a more polished experience as feedback is sent through to Jaja.
I’m sure they respect your custom regardless of whether you attended a call or not, so hang in there! :slight_smile:

(David watson ) #239

Just had my Invite on ios and been accepted which I’m happily surprised about as my credit score is crap! Happy days time to jajamylife :smile:


Was going to say 2 lots of £500 is concerning, but if your credit is bad and they’ve accepted you that’s promising for me!! :slight_smile:

(Dan Mullen) #241

One thing to note… everyone’s limit is set at £500 for the first couple of weeks of beta testing. After that, limits will be set somewhere between £250 and £20,000 depending on credit rating.


The only reason I turned down the video call was that I’m not confident in front of the camera and feel awkward. Doing the selfie for Monzo was hard enough.


Interesting! Hoping they use a similar credit scoring metholodgy to Vanquis - start at an initial fair level and grow with responsible use - so those on £250/£500 can rise up to several grand (depending on income). That’s going to be the only real way to grow it.

I’ll be very happy to get accepted at £500 - but given I’ve got sub-prime cards @ £4k & £2.5k @ 24.7%, £500 isn’t actually going to have any hope of being my ‘main’ card.

Will be interesting to see how they develop their credit offering (and I work in Credit, so hopefully they have some jobs going :slight_smile: )

(Jordan Taylor) #245

That’s totally understandable and you’re not the only one who isn’t confident in front of the camera, so they wouldn’t have expected this as a prerequisite.

To give you some reassurance, onboarding didn’t require a video/selfie, so hopefully this makes the experience easier for you :slight_smile: I’m not sure if this will change in the future though.

As I said, hang in there. I’m sure you’ll get something shortly! :slight_smile:


Yeah, but why should I be disadvantaged due to this. I was happy using other methods such as email. I am happy to be involved in making Jaja Great. The DM sent to me makes me feel like s**t.

(Nathan Steer) #248

I don’t think you are being disadvantaged per se. I also suffer with a great deal of anxiety regard audio or video calls, and would therefore quite possibly have turned down the offer from Jaja that you received.

However, I think it is quite reasonable of them to want a more intimate relationship with the first group of testers. They are, after all, putting their money (and by extension, the money of their investors) at risk with those testers.

You will still be granted access to the app, just not within the initial group of testers that they want that more intimate relationship with. Which in my opinion is perfectly reasonable.

The specific text within the message they sent you, which you previously had in your post, was perhaps worded in a slightly heavy handed manor, but the general content and intent seemed fair in my opinion.


The waiting list was advertised as the higher up the list, the sooner you get an invite. There was no mention of a video call or face to face meeting.

If they had a list that asked people who are happy to video call or meet in person and they would get access before anyone on the other list. I would totally get that and wouldn’t have put my name down

(Mitch Ford) #250

well without additional action my place has dropped from about 400 to 200. Are more people getting invites?


I got moved down the list as well. I was 8th for ages and now suddenly 33rd or so. I also didn’t do the video chat when asked. I didn’t have the time really.

I’m going backwards so who knows what JAJA are doing.

(Nathan Steer) #252

I’ve been gradually slipping backwards all day :smiley: although I am down in the 400’s so my case could just be people completing referrals to jump up the queue

(Gordon Dack) #253

I’m sitting at 91 currently so will be a waiting game :slight_smile:


It’s definitely the case for other startups I can think of that the adrenaline gets going at the prospect of launch with everyone putting in ridiculous hours and so on and they don’t necessarily reflect on the diversity of their customers…

It would be nice to see a slightly more reflective and, dare I say it, introverted approach occasionally, but I’m not holding my breath!