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What queue position are you? I’m in the 40s so hopefully soon. If they do batches of less than 50 it’ll take them months to get through the wait list :joy:

(SimonL) #212

Just checked I’m 247 in line so probably a while for me


41 in line and no invite. :sob:


3922 March maybe :joy::joy::joy:

(Nathan Steer) #215

Have you used the buttons on the queue page to like/follow/subscribe to their social media accounts? I did that and jumped a fair way up the queue :eyes: :laughing:


Yeah I’ve used the buttons. I was 11th place then went to 30th. I thought I would be moving up the list as people have got invites

(Nathan Steer) #217

oh wow :astonished: I went from somewhere in the thousands to 414…


I’ve got referrals from this page but theres people with less referrals ahead of me. So it must be a mix of referrals and liking Jaja social media to work out the waiting list.


Just done it now for twitter and jumped to pos 623 :joy:


Is the invite just asking about device preference or has it got the link to download the app from the appstore/google play


I’ve just been knocked 8 places down the queue to 50th :joy:

(David watson ) #223

I’ve had an email wanting to know which device, apple email and mobile number to be white listed, no link to download the app as of yet, I was 18 in the list, waiting patiently for another email!


When did you receive the invite?

(David watson ) #226

Just after 1300.


Looks like Jaja have given the first 20 invites out as earlier I was #22 and haven’t received one.

(David watson ) #228

Possibly, hopfully you will get invited tomorrow maybe, all going well with first 20.


No invites have actually gone out yet. They should just email all on the list and get the info now in advance.

(Dan Mullen) #230

Yes they have. I’ve had the invite and just downloaded the app…

The invite arrived a few hours after I submitted my details and device info.


Quick, find a charger :weary:


Nice, so have you been approved yet? :grinning: