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(Dan Mullen) #191

The app won’t hit the Play/App Stores until the end of March. Those on the waitlist will receive instructions on how to get the app before then.


Anybody given access yet?

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #193

I’ve not heard anything and I’m #56 in the queue. :cry:


Nope, I thought they would have started by now. Wouldn’t surprise me if they start sending invites on 31st Jan, so they meet the new timeline of Jan as it was delayed from November.

(Dan Mullen) #195

I’m hopeful the invites might start going out today.


Jaja investors will be getting access from next week. They are still working on app delivery and testing, I thought that would have been done by now.

(lewis oconnor) #197

update on their seedrs for beta access

(Dan Mullen) #198

I’ve had confirmation from Jaja today that the first invites for people at the top of the waitlist will definitely be going out this week.

(Sean) #199

Any idea how many constitutes the top?

(Dan Mullen) #200

I’m not sure but they’ve also said the batches will come thick and fast, so hopefully everyone will get access relatively quickly.


Be interesting to test their appeals process, when I’m inevitably declined!

Anyone know what CRA they intend to use - a few people have cards already don’t they?


Looks like the invites will have to start being sent out tommorow or its the second time Jaja have had to push the date back.


Well I’ve managed to keep my place in the queue for a few days at least, neither up nor down, so I guess that’s a good thing!


Invite anyone?


Nothing so far.


Nothing yet. I think the delay could be down to how to onboard users from the waiting list.

Jaja should have taken peoples email addresses used for iOS/Android and their preference. It would make sending out the invites alot faster.

(Jordan Taylor) #207

To be honest, I’d rather a smoother launch with no issues so I don’t mind waiting a little longer if we have to.

(Dan Mullen) #208

Invites are imminent…

(Jordan Taylor) #209

Yep, they’re going out now. Excited :slight_smile:


Checks mail…

Nowt so far.