I've got "news" to share


Danny - you got to write an Article in the Guardian! I think you deserve a bit of attention! Bravo!

(Liam) #104

Excellent piece. :blush:

(Dan) #105

Great article @Dannytc.


A really good article @Dannytc thanks for sharing.

I like that Guardian has made your profile :slight_smile: https://www.theguardian.com/profile/danny-cheetham


I think they do for all of their contributors.

(Paul G) #108

Only recently joined the community, despite being a long time Monzo member. I heard you on 5Live and it was a great interview. You came across well, and it helped promote masses of discussion. Well done!


I’m more surprised that the Daily Mail article has a section “HOW THIS IS MONEY CAN HELP”. You’d be better off throwing your money out the window than letting such a rag “help” you.


Welcome to the boards, and thank you for nice words ! :slight_smile:


Well done Danny- I understand the issues you’re going through and its what brought me here as well. I’m super impressed with Monzo so far…now as my name suggests I need to be able to ban takeaways lol!